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Monday, February 28, 2011


Glenn Kleier
Glenn Kleier has a new book coming out, provided there are no new postponements in July, 2011.

The Title of this book is THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL. I read the first book by Glenn Kleier,

THE LAST DAY, and it had as part of its core theme man's ability to greet and welcome a modern day Jesus. This book takes us through the same levels of intrigue that Jesus walked through 2000 years ago.

Danté wrote the INFERNO where he described the NINE circles of Hell.

I think we have all lived through our own circles of Hell, so I find myself wondering is there ANOTHER Hell when we cross out of the shell of body?

Knowing the way Glenn Kleier writes, could it be he tackles this mystery? BUT why would he entitle his book

THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL if he tackles the circles of hell?

Titles of books intrigue me and challenge my mind to solve the mystery surrounding how the author chose the title, and what does it have to do with the story that will unfold within the chapters to come.

Glenn Kleier has never disappointed me, not in his writing as an author, nor in the communications that go back and forth between us in e-mails and Face Book page messages.

July seems so far off, but like all of the Glenn Kleier fans out here, I will bait my breath, sit on my hands and wait till Amazon.com lets me know my copy has shipped. I hope all who read my postings about Glenn Kleier will make it a point to check him out too.

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