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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cyrus Keith-A Shiny Star Twinkling Among Us.

I am ashamed to admit until I guest hosted my daughter Kat Holmes'
KatXs Writing Pen

Cyrus Keith, author extraordinaire of the amazing



Patrick Stewart Look-alike...(and yes, you CAN listen to that show in the archives)...I did not know anything about the EPIC awards.

What does the acronym stand for? I wondered too, so I

Googled them and it stands for The Electronic Publishing Industry Coaltion...and it is BIG!

Cyrus, rightfully, is

walking on air right now. Seriously...how many other first-time published authors can claim to have won something this prestigious so early in the game?

I mean take a look at his award...(I'm gonna give you TWO angles so you can see the intricacy of

his name and his powerful book BECOMING NADIA etched forever upon his first, but I know not last, authorial TROPHY!

As his Muse It Up Publishing Sister,

I am walking on air too, because I am so very proud of him and his exceptional accomplishment. (He told me on the show his second novel UNALIVE is in the running for next year's award...so I KNOW I will be creating another

toast to my brother next year too.)

The Science-Fiction world has been blessed because this gifted, multi-faceted man has joined its ranks...and how brilliant of the EPIC Awards personnel to recognize him right off the bat.

Lea Schizas, Publisher of

Muse It Up Publishing, Inc...on behalf of all of us...

 for bringing Keith into our Muse It Up Publishing home.

For more info on

BECOMING NADIA, click HERE for its very own Buy Page.

For info on Book Two,

UNALIVE, click on its BUY PAGE.

The delightfully dynamic Cyrus Keith can be found at his AUTHOR'S PAGE and his brand spanking new (so you can get in on the ground floor) BLOG

Click on THE EPIC AWARDS to learn more about why this is such a HUGE accomplishment.

Keep 'em coming Cyrus. Your fans are chomping at the bit.