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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Good Morning All.
You know Kat and I travel to a different beat than most.

We do not walk the same path the masses walk...not because we feel inferior or superior...we just walk the path that feels right to us.
Every now and then...we get dreams. Some are prophetic...some soul energizing, some the answer to the questions churning inside our souls.

I get these dreams...like my guardians know when I need positive reinforcements.

A lot of them are repeats, which is why I know their purpose. 
Since Kat's tumor was removed in June, we've been on a difficult roller coaster.

My dream took me to this incredible three story house. (Each floor is another journey through gifts of love to choose from.)The house is celebrating the love and life of their daughter...or at least that's the interpretation I get.
Throughout the place are stations with amazing articles of unconditional love spread out for the taking. You chose the items that speak to your soul, place them in your gift carrier and move on. There's no limit to what you may take.
Each station lifts your spirits just a bit more, and you are not the only one there making choices.
I think it is a place where weary souls, dragging from the burdens life has placed upon their shoulders go to be reminded how powerful unconditional love is, humbling and renewing.

Each time I have been there, there is one thing more than anything else that implants in my long term memory to bring back with me when I cross out of sleep.
This time it was the floor tiling. The squares were made from irridescent white marble that sparkle ever so briefly with the power of other colors...and geometric black diamonds creating the design.
Upon waking I knew why the tiles stuck with me. Many believe white is the absence of all color, and black the presence of all color, but the truth is white is the composition of the Prime colors, Red, Yellow, and Blue, black is the absence of all colors. (You cannot create a true black by mixing colors...all you'll get is a dark, muddy brown we mistake for black.)

Black diamonds...

We are taught we are sinners with black stains...but we are beautiful despite our imperfect lack of colors and we belong to the irridescent white surrounding us with its perfect radiance sliding its striking color into us at all times...sharing the beauty of perfection and total acceptance.
Everyone of you knows there is more to us than traditional approaches suggest, and no matter what we have done, we are those diamonds encompassed on a sea of irridescent white...our true reality.

Each iridescent tile has many of the black diamonds...reminding me that Kat and I are no longer alone but have found all of you. Nothing can ever diminish the magic of that.

In other words we are the Family of Black Diamonds.

I don't know if I explained this all that well...so maybe I should speak of a different dream I had back in the 1980's.
The dream starts with me sitting in the back seat passenger's side of this blindingly white convertible. In the seat before me is a man...he never looks back, but the aura of unconditional love surrounding him, radiating out to me is so powerful I never want to leave him.

We pull up to a dingy place, and I know it is my place...where I must go. No words are spoken, but I cannot remain in the car. Reluctantly I step out and watch with my heart in my feet, the car pull away. Turning, I face the crummy door, dread making my feet drag.
When I open the door I am in a long, lonely hallway. On the ceiling is a ceramic fixture for a lightbulb, but no lightbulb fills the fixture. My heart dips some more.

Wishing I could turn and run after the radiant car, I continue down the hall that empties into a kitchen but a kitchen unlike anything I had ever seen before. The walls are floor to ceiling blue fish tanks with bubbles of brilliant color the only thing within the tanks...except for the tank direclty before me.

There two large, lacy white angelfish live, and as I watch they move closer and closer until they form one large lacy heart. My gasp cannot be heard over the sound of the door opening and this voice...the rich voice saying..."You have much love yet to know in this life. Hang on, Child. Hang On."

Finding Muse and you all, gave me my angel-fish its promise.

Last night before I went to bed, I asked for understanding and help for the bone deep weariness claiming me.