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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Welcome to the 

FIRST of the 

Ladybug Lin Parade of 

Creme de la Creme...Or Muse Authors, Most EXCELLENT!

Now to give you an idea of the quality of author the Ladybug is showcasing...here's the criteria:

Gene Rodenberry created the STAR TREK franchise. It's true he was NOT a book writer...but a writer is a writer is a writer. His ability to create a cohesive, well researched story in the limited time and space allowed by a one hour television script describes genius...SO Ladybug Lin is on the lookout for authors who can emulate Rodenberryesque story telling talent...no matter WHAT genre the author writes in...SO shall we get started?

The very FIRST of TODAY'S Creme de la Creme authors at the Muse Hall of Superlative Storytelling Skills is....



Kevin Hopson writes SHORT stories, and because of that, he has a limited amount of time and space to create the angst needed for his stories to impact US, his audience...Just like Mr. Rodenberry, Kevin Hopson knows his topics, expands on his field of interests, and is coming through magnificently with each of his books so far.

Let me elaborate...On November 1, 2010 Kevin Hopson's first Muse It Up Book WORLD OF ASH released...

...It's a short story this Ladybug Lin read shortly after it debuted. I wasn't sure I'd like it since the cover was enough to scare the bejeeburs out of me, and scary is not my usual forté...but I discovered I really LIKES the way Kevin Hopson can scare me silly.

Ladybug Lin, as you can see by the award THE WORLD OF ASH won right out of the gate, is not the only one who's found this book a winner, and Kevin Hopson an author to stand up and take notice of.
Jax has always succumbed to his boss’ wishes in an effort to please him. When he is asked to journey to the town of Tellare with a volcanic ash cloud standing in his way, Jax realizes the dangers, but he accepts the job anyway. He even brings along his friend Stu as company. However, Jax starts to regret his decision when Stu puts up resistance and conditions continue to worsen. What awaits them inside the ash cloud, and will Stu prove to be a liability when push comes to shove?
Sounds good doesn't it? But we're just beginning.

Kevin Hopson is not a man to sit back on his heels and let his laurels rest...oh no...he immediately jumped in, wrote and released his SECOND blockbuster short in less time than most people would take to enjoy the accolades from that impressive award.

EARTHLY FORCES...now I have to admit, I was drawn to this book at first by its cover. Having grown up in an area where lighthouses are part of the backdrop for my childhood playground, I naturally have a fondness for them.

Although...the ones I remember never looked quite this scary. That may be because I never saw them in the throes of an angry story with clouds that looked like they had eyes peering down at me. (I know...probably my imagination in overdrive...but Kevin inspires such imaginings. )
Ken is a middle-aged fisherman who has captained the Sea Mac for more years than he can count. He has experienced heavy weather, rough seas and even death. However, nothing has prepared him for what he is about to endure on the island of Eilean Boghdoiri. His friend Paul, also the island’s lighthouse keeper, has gone missing. Ken and his deckhand Jimmie set out in search of him, only to discover things are far more complicated than initially thought. As they race to unlock the mystery, Ken and Jimmie find themselves fighting to stay alive. Will Paul ever be found, and, if so, can they make it off the island in time?
EARTHLY FORCES is a winner. Short, scary, and one you will keep on your e-reader to pull up and read again and again...oh, and definitely, again...whenever you want to have something to counter the howl of the wind outside and the flickering of the lights within.

The title of this next KEVIN HOPSON classic made me laugh when I first saw it. The TITLE is just...alive with humor...

...the cover? Well...from it I had a feeling this was NOOOOO comedy...but then...it's a KEVIN HOPSON...how COULD it be a comedy? That would be like going to see Robin Williams live and expecting him to pull out a knife and start slashing the theater up...there're just some things you know not to expect...and a COMEDY from the masterful brain of Kevin Hopson's scary muse? NO WAY!

EARLY RELEASE FOR BAD BEHAVIOR...with hypodermic needles on the cover?...this was not going to be a joyride...One of the things I most love about the fabulously gifted Kevin Hopson is I can count on him to always deliver spine tingles. I KNOW he's going to scare me into a whole bunch of new white hairs atop my head, and make my toe flesh shrivel more than a long soak in any bathtub ever could.
Someone is illegally moving death row inmates between prisons, and one prisoner finds out firsthand what the perpetrator wants with them.
The cover doesn't EXACTLY show it but this DOES take place in a prison...That's the ONLY guarantee. Kevin Hopson, we're now discovering, loves creating SURPRISE endings...and he's so blood curdlingly GOOD at it!

There isn't ANY topic Kevin Hopson won't explore. His next book...
...with a cover so breath cripplingly powerful it had me staring at it for quite some time before I could bring myself to read the book, sizzles. Having been in a fire, I give that element a great deal of respect. I also know Kevin Hopson writing about it is going to take me into singed layers of my soul I'm going to have to do more than shake 'n' bake my way through. 
Back Cover

Max and Lorenzo are strangers who have crossed paths under the most dire of circumstances – the need to survive. With the earth nothing more than a wasteland and solar radiation a constant threat, the two of them set out for a place called Hope Cavern, an underground city where people have taken refuge. Making the journey north, however, they realize there is a price to pay for companionship.

EARTH ABLAZE This is a post apocalyptic story...but in the deft hands of a master. How so much can be expressed in such a condensed grouping of words...truly shows how great a master Kevin Hopson is. 

This next book I read not long after all those miners in South America were rescued. The world celebrated that success, so I wasn't certain I wanted to read a horror story with a similar core theme...but once you get addicted to Kevin Hopson, you really know you're going to read it no matter what.
THREE MILES BELOW. You SOOOO want the happy ending, and you read along with your heart in your throat...but remember what I said about Kevin and his SURPRISE ENDINGS?
Back Cover:
When an earthquake hits, Mackenzie and two of his co-workers are forced to take shelter in a refuge chamber three miles below ground, uncertain of the damage around and above them. Weighing their options, the three must decide whether to stay put or take their chances climbing to the surface, though making it to ground level is just half of the battle.
He delivers!

In fact...here we are at the beginning of 2014 and here's FIVE short thrillers that would have made Alfred Hitchcock happy had HE written him...YEP they really ARE that good...but Kevin Hopson is JUST beginning. 

FIVE in three years...Can't wait for the next three years and then the three after that...oh and I JUST learned he DOES have one coming out in less than THREE months! How lucky are we?
Photo: I left Facebook for a week (temporarily deactivated my account) so I could focus on writing for a bit. I finished the sci-fi novelette I was working on, so I'm back for the time being. Anyway, I didn't want people to think I was blocking them or dropping them from my friends list. Also, I'd like to share my book cover for Broken Family, a crime fiction story that will be released by MuseItUp Publishing on March 28.
Take a look at this cover....Be still my palpitating heart...March...you only have to wait until March...sorry WE only have to wait until March...

KEVIN HOPSON...remember that name...and follow the links above to his books and become a Hopson addict like me Ladybug Lin.

This is Ladybug Lin, thanking you for checking out my first Creme de la Creme. Who will be the second author to make my Creme? You'll have to check back, and often.