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Sunday, March 6, 2011


You are probably going to struggle with this, but the truth is EVERYTHING Kat Holmes writes she gets from me.

Kat's FIRST Muse story,


a delicious murder mystery with a ghostly haunting, and enough suspense to keep the most discerning cat, which I am, prepared with

well sharpened pid shivs ready for action. Don't know what they are, the pid-shivs? Come closer and let me take a healthy swipe or two at you. You under educated humans call them claws, we, the enlightened descendants of

the Goddess Bast, know they are really versatile shivs.

Back to


I am sure there are many

Doubting Thomases and

Thomasinas out there with narrowed eyes questioning the veracity of my claim...you obviously do not live with a fine specimen

of feline splendor. If you did, you would know I speak nothing but the absolute truth.

I never let Kat Holmes out of my sight. It is my job to make her world the best it can be. I'm very good at my job. For instance take a look at

this picture. Notice how my head is in close proximity to Kat's chin. Transference of my thoughts through her epidermis takes place without any interference from outside influence at moments like this.

In a former life...be prepared

to scoff, and by all means, show your lack of understanding the Cosmic genius by doing so...I was


What you thought lighthouses were inanimate objects? Any scientist can tell you ALL things that appear stationary and/or lifeless are composed

of billions of cells coalescing into the appearance of one structure.

Still doubt my proclamation?

Coral reefs APPEAR to be one exquisitely beautiful lacy structure, but is, in fact billions of individual organisms bonded at the cellular level. So was I, in my last life, yep, as


Living as a lighthouse, functioning in a symbiotic relationship with you humans, gives us many stories to tell. Kat's

THE LIGHTHOUSE is a compilation of many such stories her inner writing muse and I came up with weaving them all into one DYNAMIC whole.

Once the mind set has been transferred,

Kat types her adorable fingers to the nub in a language that although we cats understand, is of course, not as refined as the one we use to communicate with MOST of the sentient world. (You would be astounded to hear our one-on-one talks with

Pleiadians. In my next life I'm coming back as a

Space Kitty!)

This next picture shows phase two of the interaction between Kat and myself. Notice we are both carefully attending to editing what Kat nubbed her fingers over. I assure you, my role in this phase is CRUCIAL! If I do not agree with a section, it IS deleted!

Finally the manuscript for THE LIGHTHOUSE is ready to be sent along the Human Pipeline...and voila'...we have an excellent book ready for the stellar reviews that RIGHTLY earned it an IMMEDIATE nomination for

the PEARL award. (Although in OUR world, it has already been nominated AND awarded


In between the books Kat and I bring forth, I have other jobs, not JUST catching up on some needed rest.

Don't I look comfy? Cats take Siestas very seriously.

I am very opinionated, rightly so, and NOT above giving a rather resounding bit of


Sometimes I have to issue a chastisement to the YOUNGER kitty and force her

to her perch for a TIME OUT!

Being in this symbiotic relationship with Kat, sometimes requires I send her telepathic messages...

especially when she has food that makes my whiskers twitch and my taste buds water.

I may not sleep close to Kat when we are NOT co-writing, but she IS my familiar, so I am never farther away than the curve of her butt.

So let me describe THE LIGHTHOUSE once more...It is a story about a

LIGHTHOUSE...I know BIG surprise there...and a young woman inheriting it from an aunt she never knew she had on a small island off the Maine coast.

From the moment she arrives, strange things begin to happen. Cold spots, a book flying off the shelves no matter how many times she replaces it, and pranks...maybe...being perpetrated. All explainable by you rational human beings...until things

get deadly.

THE LIGHTHOUSE by Kat Holmes...and yeah, me,

Mama Bear, is available at

Muse Publishing, Inc.'s bookstore

You can reach Kat at her WEBSITE, her BLOG, and her AUTHOR'S PAGE.

Me, I can be caught in between engagements guarding the Holmes' phone. Can't let just ANYBODY talk to MY KAT! (A Familiar's job is NEVER done.)


Heather Haven said...

Anything with a cat or a Kat and I'm there! This was such a fun tour. Thanks a lot! What a great Sunday this is turning out to be.

Kat said...

That is so adorable and of course...utterly true.:-) I love my Mama Bear.