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Saturday, June 8, 2013

When LIES AND PAINE nears...GRAB YOURS! by Cyrus Keith


Most of us can look back on our lives and not see threads woven, layer upon layer, into a tapestry of nothing but lies, from the moment of

conception onward.

For Jenna Paine up until the moment her father died of pancreatic cancer when she was just a little girl, she had the delusion of being a normal kid with a normal family...BUT lies and betrayal have a way of catching up with the tellers and deceivers...Just as the title of his fourth book in his NADIA PROJECT SERIES suggests

LIES AND Jenna PAINE are about to meet...


What would you do if everything you were told turned out to be a lie of calculation and gain by others?

Cyrus Keith, a master in creating high octane Sci-NOT-so-Fi action is back again with another journey into his astounding NADIA PROJECT SERIES.

If you haven't found your way to his books yet, you are SO missing out on a talent the world is going to one day clamor for the way I remember everyone clamoring for Isaac Asimov...and I DO remember it.

So be like me..in the forefront of this wave of future SCI-FI cutting edge fans. (The man's already won an

EPIC award...so the rumble HAS begun.)

Grab yourself a copy of LIES AND PAINE on sale at TWENTY PERCENT OFF today at his publisher, MuseItUp Publishing, INC!

You won't be sorry...and once you've read

LIES AND PAINE scurry on over with your eager hand out for




And then, like me, to quote a line from my High School English Lit class, you'll be hooked on Cyrus Keith, FOREVER MORE!