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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Thanks to the unexpected popularity

Kat and I have acquired, my really quirky side is starting to get noticed by people far more talented than I can ever hope to be.

When I received my first Muse contract for SANTA IS A LADY, I was about as wise and modern as the early trilobites that inhabited the primordial seas.

I mean look at this creature! Can you picture it pounding away at a

computer keyboard and learning how to remember html addresses?

Yeah, me neither, but that

TRULY was me. Once I had that coveted first contract under my belt, Kat began prodding me about the necessity to become Face Book literate.

Back when

AOL ruled the techno-highways, we Holmes girls were probably the last people on the planet to try it. Someday I will share with one and all the observational, and slightly discontented ditties I created about

Steve Case, but for now, I do not wish to digress.

The Internet we discovered is its own form of an addiction...one we both jumped upon with unbridled glee...And why not?

A lot of you know our history and why we kept ourselves pretty much isolated from the world in general, and nearby's especially. Tuning into the Internet didn't just open up our neighborhood under

the umbrella of seeming anonymity, it gave us the world.

Kat found the MIRC and wow...she was soon avid friends with people in Scotland, a place she and I both have long fantasized about visiting...

...men in kilts, who wouldn't fantasize about Scotland?

Me? I spent loads of time talking in the England Rooms, the Greece Rooms, Rome rooms, the

Michigan Rooms, and even the Boston Rooms.

Now that I have learned Glenn Kleier is from

Louisville, Kentucky, I wonder if I might have run across him sooner had I just visited the Kentucky rooms?

My meeting with my favorite author happened after I had been hogtied to

Face Book and forced to create my profile.

Naturally Glenn Kleier was included in my list of favorite authors. Someone who must hunt 

google for any and all mentions of Glenn Kleier had to have come across my list, notified him and before I knew it, I received an actual e-mail from my all time hero himself.

Why is he my hero? I have told this story so many times, I am sure most of you are shaking your heads and muttering, "Please, Lin, don't repeat it!"

So I won't. See how accommodating I can be?

Instead I am going to create a little story...

Once upon a time there was a man who had no idea the life he was living would touch more people than he could count on both hands and both feet.

As the co-founder and president of a national marketing/communications firm, he had already affected the lives of many, but a part of his soul was aching. Glenn Kleier immensely successful business man wanted to become Glenn Kleier author.

Still it's a big step for a family man, with loads of people relying on him for their daily bread, to take a sabbatical and devote the years to researching and then writing a book like


Glenn Kleier is married to an incredible woman who stepped into the head-honcho shoes at the firm, giving her husband the freedom needed to bring to fruition the part of him that needed fulfillment.

I do not know how long it took Glenn Kleier to do the research for his book, but its release on September 1,1998 catapulted him onto the world stage as a NY Times Best Selling Author.

I can picture Glenn Kleier sitting in his office positing the question that must have fueled this book...What, he no doubt asked, would happen if Jesus walked among us today? Would Jesus be more readily accepted, or has mankind changed so little, and would the outcome be the same?

Oh and one other twist Glenn Kleier and his incredibly agile mind threw into the mix, adds, at least for me, several unique layers of intensity to his tale.

Glenn Kleier chose to make Jesus...are you ready for this...a WOMAN named Jeza, who explodes upon the world just as everyone is up in arms over the threat of the

Y2K bug. You all remember that bug, don't you?

Some might think having the Y2K bug in the mix would seriously date this story, but I re-read THE LAST DAY all the time, and nothing detracts from the power of this story or its hope.

I even did a cover blog for Glenn Kleier and THE LAST DAY. If you haven't already seen it...and you really SHOULD see it, CLICK HERE .

Will Glenn Kleier become the author of a story that finds its way onto our

movie screens? It was optioned, and a script was written, but Glenn Kleier, and no doubt ALL of his fans, are glad it is sitting on the shelves somewhere within the movie industry's forgotten.

So there you have my story...okay I admit it is NOT a story from the quirky top of my head, but it IS a great story, just as Glenn Kleier is a great author. I am SOOOO looking forward

to THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, his second book coming out, unless they kick it back again, in July 2011.

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