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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kira Firebird is no one's idea of an anglo...but her dad want's the powerful psychic to turn off the juice and PASS!

Ahosihmahir lived when

The Anaszi claimed the four corners as their home...so what's he doing visiting

Kira in the twenty-first century, but when  A GHOST looks as good as  AHO should we care?

 and who is

 Boomerang, beneath the snarl and behind those memorable eyes?

What about the wise and long seeing Goddess of Lemuria,  Anniki...Did she really scoop Kira from today and catapult her back to a land that will soon make its cataclysmic return to the sea?

What roll do the

hapless hit-men, THE DIPPY DUO play in Kira's quest for the

sacred covenant? 
Can it be true Kira's been swept back in time to the Land of the Anasazi and
Lemuria? where Boomer learn's even spirit guides must endure being spritz, powdered and have  his fur

bejeweled...but when in Lemuria!

ECHOES FROM THE PAST by LJ Holmes is an odyssey to a time we may never visit again. Join, Kira, Aho, and Boomerang as they touch down in a land time mentions only in whispers.

just 5.95 

Not a bad price for something that will let you journey so far back in time...and maybe even return all in the same day. You can'r buy a bust ticket to go five miles for so little!...so you can't go wrong.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

PHAIA MYKOS...A Phone Siren from Award Winning Author KAT HOLMES



Phaia Mykos...mild mannered librarian by day...wild phone sex siren, Sasha, by night.

What can turn the staid pillar of society into the purring 

sex kitten at night...other than the 

red phone...naturally?

47 year old single mother Phaia Mykos is so proud of her daughter, Noelle...recently accepted to the prestigious 

Ivy League Princeton University. Phaia learns her salary is just a few dollars over the limit for financial aid, but much less than she'd need to pay Noelle's tuition.

What's a loving single mother to do? Get a night job...becoming a 

sex siren for Phone Sex company Vixens...pays a lot more than working Fast Food....and even more so when you are born with a voice made for sex that is one powerful aphrodisiac when purred across your fiery red phone.

Derek Hoffman is Phaia's younger next door neighbor...her studly next door neighbor...a gorgeous hunk of a man often in her mind when Sasha weaves the verbal enticements for the clients who call in to her on that red phone...Sigh...Phaia wants more...she wants Derek but Derek looks straight through her, on the few times she tries catching his interest.

A Psychopath is badly hurting the phone sirens. The nasty monster has hacked into the confidential computer files at Vixens with the real identities and home locations of the sirens...Phaia's too..and she's next on the psychos hit list.

The police are on the job.

Armed with warrants, they show up to tap Phaia's phone and monitor and record her creative work...and OMG...Derek...her sexy hunk from next door IS a cop...

a detective! Good Lord, Phaia's hankering after a YOUNG cop...a young cop who's now inside her home, listening...yep...listening to Sasha...on the job!

Ratheting up her skills, knowing Derek's in the kitchen monitoring the phone tap, Sasha pours it on...by the end of this night she means to have...really have Derek Hoffman...hopefully before the psychopath makes his move.

DANGEROUS VOICE by Kat Holmes...short...dangerous...hot...fire. 

This book delivers all...It's a delicious introduction into the real world of phone sex, when the operative is a master at weaving verbal seduction. 

DANGEROUS VOICE by multi-published author KAT HOLMES...available at 
MuseitUp Publishing
MuseItHOT Publishing...

...and where searing e-books are sold.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

THE GODS AT WORK SERIES...by Kat Holmes...What are those Olympian Greeks Up To Now?

Aphrodite, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, Apollo, and Artemis, Oh My!

Zeus is pissed...why is he pissed? Because modern man is not showing the proper deference to HIM and his kind...horror upon horrors, these irreverent moderns are NOT bringing gold, or their equivalent of it, nor foods, tapestries, expensive paintings or all many of worthy tributes to their temples...Okay, there's this world wide financial crisis...but that's NOT a good enough excuse for them to deny Zeus his just due. Hell, if this continues, Zeus might have to give up his...kingly ways.

NOT ACCEPTABLE! Zeus really likes lording it over everyone from his golden throne, but golden thrones require polishing...polish costs drachmas...drachmas the plebeians are no longer bringing to his temples.

Well Zeus is good at one thing...he begat a whole plethora of little gods and godlings...so as DADDY GOD, it's time for them to earn their keep, by heading down there, and working among the mortals earning Zeus' keep.

Aphrodite, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, Apollo, and Artemis...Oh My.

I am author L.J. Holmes, sometimes known as Lin Holmes, sometimes known as Ladybug Lin...and I am Kat Holmes' mother, and co-author with her of two books so far...with more coming.

I'm here to tell you all about Kat's GODS AT WORK SERIES, and offer a complete set of the GAW books to one person who leaves a comment...One comment for SIX free books. Not bad...so let's get started.

She's no longer Aphrodite on a Half Shell...not any more. She's Ariel Schell...yeah a play on the half shell...but Ariel is now down here. She's the goddess of love...so what better career can she have than being the owner of 

{DRUMROLL} a computer dating service in California. Who would know better which man and which woman belong together than the goddess of love?

But...there's a problem...three women have disappeared..are they alive...or? Jordan Cade is retired from the police department, but none of the current officers have been able to infiltrate Ariel's Dating Service, Venus Connections...As a favor to a former buddy, Jordan steps into the seducer's den. 

Will Jordan unravel the mystery before dead bodies begin surfacing or more women disappear.

She loves peacocks.

I remember watching the TV version of HERCULES starring Kevin Sorbo, an image of those wicked eyes...Hera...wicked, evil Queen of the Gods glaring at us during each opening theme.

Kat always felt Hera got a raw deal, like many women throughout history. {Mary Magdalene, Samson's Delilah} Kat dug deeper and learned the truth.

Finally divorced from the "I can't keep my sausage in my pants," Zeus, she's come down here, finding contentment here in the world of the "mortals" drawing on her skills with child birthing. 

She's Heather Juno, happily living as a gifted midwife in Vermont. Noah and James, veterans of the Iraq War enter her world accompanying a very pregnant young woman, Maxine Rhodes...carrying the child of Aaron Battle...who just happens to be Hera's irresponsible son Ares.

Brought to Heather by her brother, James, and his mate Noah, Maxine wants a home birth, and is one hundred percent against anything remotely connected to Aaron Battle, or the capricious gods. What's a loving mother, who fully knows her boy, to do?


In many tales from the past Hades is shown as a nasty piece of work, petting his vicious three-headed creature, Cerberus, but Kat knows these gods much better than that. As Zeus' older brother, he is not required to come here and work among the mortals to help inflate Zeus' treasure chest. He's very content to work with his gems, creating incredible works of art, but he's seen how happy his niece and former sister-in-law are. With that in mind and under the encouragement of his friend Iolcus, he opens Diamond Facets.

The night after tomorrow Diamond Facets the premier jewelry store in both Vermont and New Hampshire, owned by Hayden Diamond, but managed by his friend Iolcus is hosting a Halloween party. Iolcus pressures Hayden into showing up for the Halloween party the company is hosting..but Hayden refuses to get all dressed up in some inane costume. He'd rather be in the Underworld working at his forge...still Iolcus gets him to at least agree to put in an appearance...it's the least he can do for the employees he's never bothered meeting.

Maxine Rhodes, sister-in-law to Hera, and mother of Sophie also gets tricked by her friend, Gia Randin, an emerald cutter at Diamond Facets, into going to the party, dressed up as one sexy nurse, thanks to letting Gia pick out her costume. 

The party's exciting despite Maxie's nervousness over how much Maxie is really showing, but she'd rather be anywhere else...so would the good looking guy over there.

What's the angry mother of Aaron Battle's illegitimate child, otherwise known as Ares going to do when she learns Hayden's truth?

IN DEATH'S ARMS book three in Kat Holmes' GODS AT WORK SERIES.

The Kraken

Water, water everywhere...and yep...he's another one of Zeus' brothers...not at all needy of towing Zeus' line, but...its a big world out there, and since everyone else in his family is finding happiness among the mortals...why shouldn't the Lord of the Sea join them?

Neil Waverly moves to Sea Isle City,NJ, opening his own swim and aquatic club Abalone Aquatics and Rehabilitation with his ex-wife, Allison Dewey, otherwise known as Amphitrite. 

Neil spends so much time at the Club, Allison decides he needs a housekeeper...yesterday.

Agreeing, Neil gives his okay for his ex to screen the applicants...just make sure they're gone before he gets home and never arrive until after he's left for the club.

Sonya Peterson is on the run...her real identity is "dead." A housekeeper is a job no one would be looking for the former her to do...

Neil Waverly...will he find a need to Release the Kraken? Or just show Sonya what the Lord of the Seas can do with nothing but the bubbles from the

sea's foam when he sets his mind to it?

All I want to do is dance...

He's the god of Music and Dance. He's Apollo, son of Zeus and Hera, Elijah Lidener owner of Sunrise School Of Dance, here to earn a living at what he loves...charged with earning his living so Daddy Zeus can tip a few lightning bolts but do little else...except...

...She's Lynda Gabriel a prima ballerina...who watches from the sidelines despite the pain...she's also someone Apollo will take on his father for, and The Fates so he can follow her wherever her soul may go...even if it means giving up his godhood...

DANCES AT DAWN book five in Kat Holmes' GODS AT WORK SERIES. 

Her bow and arrow never miss.

Diana Fox, Artemis among us, owns her very own nature and wilderness school in Ashville, North Carolina taking weekend business warriors through a two week wilderness survival course deep inside the Appalachian Mountains. She looks fragile, this slender young woman, but looks are deceiving.

Ryan Sadler and his son Charlie are at each other's throat...both mourning the recent death of Ryan's wife, and Charlie's mother, Terri. 

Diana senses what these two need...a challenging journey out there into the wilderness...however not every one participating on this two week jaunt are who or what they claim to be. 

Can Diana Fox save Charlie when he stumbles into danger and the day?

Get a free PDF copy of each book...all you need to do is 

leave a comment. The winner will be announced in one week's time on May 13th.

When you leave your comment, please leave your e-mail address so you can receive your free library next week.

Good Luck all...and MAY THE GODS BE WITH YOU!