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Friday, April 26, 2013


Lin Holmes: Today I have from

ECHOES FROM THE PAST by L.J. Holmes' my author's name and my very first full length epic classic Time Travel novel releasing from Muse It Up Publishing Inc, in May, the unusual pair affectionately, by some, known as The Dippy Duo, individually known as cousins Jed Haskell and Hank Slokum visiting straight from The Holler

Welcome Boys. I was thrilled to hear you were eager to come all the way from your mountain home to spend time with me today and discuss your part in the making of ECHOES FROM THE PAST .

Jed: We've been keeping our eye on you

Miz Holmes, and have to say we were twice pleased when we learned you decided to move closer to us here in the glorious south.

Hank: Yeah, it means we didn't have to hitch our arses quite as far as we mighta if we'da had to come sit a spell with ya up in yankee territory.

Jed: Now Hank, we don't wanna start off this visit offending Miz Holmes. Please excuse my cuz Miz Holmes, Hank wasn't always paying attention in Sunday school when Mis Jezzy Mae Connors was teaching.

Hank: Only cuzz I was batting eyes with Betty Sue Wilkins.

Lin Holmes: No offense taken gentlemen. You're here because you play such vital rolls in ECHOES FROM THE PAST. What did you think of Dr. Kira Firebird and Ahoishmahir the central characters of the story?

Jed: Actually, we never got to meet them.

Hank: Came close there near the waterfall, dontcha think, Jed?

Jed: We was hallucintaing, Hank, and I thought we agreed not to discuss that.

Hank: Oh yeah. I forgot. Bet you didn't know getting stuck on your arse by a massive swarm of bees and then having snapping turtles latch onto those boo boos can cause hallucinations did you?

Jed: Hank!...What part of we agreed not to talk about it didn't you get? I suppose you want me to talk about how you thought you could turn on a wolf by blowing some lame assed wolf call?

Hank: You promised!

Jed: Exactly!

Hank: Geeze. Forget one teensy thing...

Lin Holmes. Wolf Call? Boys are you talking about Boomerang? Dr. Firebird's wolf? Dr. Firbebird's SPIRIT wolf? You DID meet him right?

Hank: Spirit? Wolf? Her wolf is a ghost? Ah geeze! You didn't tell me that Jed!

Jed: How the hell was I to know? We never exactly got close enough to exchange apple pie recipes if you remember.

Lin Holmes: So you didn't mean Boomerang. Let me understand this. You didn't meet Boomerang, you didn't meet Dr. Kira Firebird, you didn't meet Ahoishmahir, did you meet anyone?

Jed: We met The Boss, naturally.

Hank: Boy did we ever! Mean old cuss!

Jed: Yeah, but we knew that going in.

Hank: Knew our arses were fried if we didn't deliver Dr. Firebird and the treasure she was seeking.

Jed: You can say that again.

Hank: Knew our arses were fried...

Jed: You're a fool! Didn't mean for you to actually say it again!

Hank: Then you shouldna said it!

Jed: Yeah you're a fool!

Hank: Am not!

Jed: Am too, but let's move on. We DID meet an angel...we think!

Hank: Yeah thank God! Cured our arses and my nose. See my nose was swollen the size of the Missisppi River, and so big I couldn't see round it.

Lin Holmes: How'd your nose get swollen?

Hank: We had a lot of mishaps befall upon us following Dr. Firebird.

Jed: Boy did we ever. It rained; really, really, rained two nights in a row in the freaking desert. Ever spend the night bare assed and wet in the desert? Not at all comfortable, nor to be believed.

Hank: She asked how I got a busted schnozz. Not how you got frostbit.

Jed: Well excuse me! And need I remind you I wasn't alone in freezing my arse off?

Hank: Yeah, but you were alone in almost getting yer willie snipped off! I told you that tent had jaws!

Jed: You have a death wish don't you cuz?

Hank: Me maw'll kill you if'n you touch one golden strand from me gorgeous head and you know it.

Lin Holmes: Boys, boys, please.

Hank: Sorry, Miz Holmes. You was asking bout me nose. See after the bout with the turtle, I was trying on a pair' a Dr. Firebird's shorts. Got 'em up as far as me knees. Lost me balance and I sorta tipped over. Smashed me nose right inta the ground.

Lin Holmes: <smothering a giggle> The angel?

Jed: Appeared outta nowhere, offered us relief and an exit.

Lin Holmes: I'm assuming you took it.

Hank: The Boss'd kill us.

Lin Holmes: So you didn't?

Jed: The Boss is our cousin. Ain't nowhere we could go and hide he couldn't find us. Our goose'd be good an cooked.

Lin Holmes: Oh Dear!

Jed: Yeah. Oh Dear. Fact is we can't afford to tell you.

Hank: Right, but we also wanted to be part of the hoopla coming now that ECHOES FROM THE PAST is about to rise about yon distant horizon.

Jed: We're dumber than dirt, but we do know how to hide...we hope.

Hank: Yep we sure do.

Lin Holmes: Boys are you certain you want me to post this interview?

Hank: Oh yes Ma'm. If we got to, we can high tail it down Mexico way to a cantina or two we know 'bout till the Boss forgets all 'bout us...

Jed:...or till we become so pickled in tequila we stop caring. Now ya promise us Miz Holmes to share our side of the story. We earned that. The angel assured us we'd be okay...mostly.

Lin Holmes: Okay Boys. I will say it's been interesting meeting you. You stay safe.

For the rest of us.

ECHOES FROM THE PAST is releasing from Muse It Up Publishing Inc, In May but until then you can catch up on some of the antics of the main players by seeing what BOOMERANG has to say, and check out the magnificent TRAILER Suzannah Safi has done.

There will be more interviews coming...one with Dr. Kira Firebird and Ahoishmahir definitely but more as well.