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Friday, November 30, 2012

Insulated Undies...Need Some

I really DO need some

electric long johns...any idea where I can snatch some in the next...oh,,,five minutes...if I'm lucky?

Living with

Kat Holmes means I am used to the

gods and goddesses spending time popping in and out of my world. I am so tired of finding

Hermes' winged shoes floating in my toilet tank...and if Aphrodite doesn't stop landing her

seashell in my dishwasher I'm gonna start charging her for the plumber's repairs she leaves behind. (You'd think they'd have better things to do than muck with my modern gadgets...but NOOOOO!)

Kat is the author of the Best Selling Gods At Work series that so far has made my world a visiting place for the likes of Aphrodite, star of Book One of the GAW series,


HEART OF THE QUEEN, (I'm still picking

peacock feathers out of my dentures.) Hades,

IN DEATH'S ARMS, ( Ever try to make nice with

Cerberus when he's bent on trying to intimidate your precious kitties?)




DANCES AT DAWN. Okay he's a hunk so him I can handle...most of the time.

Let me tell you something honestly though,

 the Kraken does not belong in your central air conditioner? Pulling him out is so not fun!


is also the head wizardess behind Kat's vampire Hekate's Web Series, Book One

HIDDEN. (Kat is a card carrying bug-a-phobe, so when Hekate decides to drop one of her webs teeming with

creepy crawlers in our upper corners I'm having to run for the

earplugs when Kat sees it and lets out one of her blood-curdling screeches.)

So you'd think I wouldn't so much as bat an eyelash when I get a

Chill-a-gram from the god behind her ORIGINAL Artica Lights Series, Book One

FROZEN and book two releasing like soon...


Tichi requesting I allow him to come and speak about his domain. HOWEVER, despite my industrial strength battery powered long johns I am quaking in my


If you piss off a god of a land of

eternal ice and snow, what will he do to you? Since I just noticed the mercury in my

ladybug thermometer dipping dramatically I hope I'm not this close to finding out.

Please join me in welcoming the

God of All of Artica, Tichi. Do you want me to empty my ice cube maker and create a nice cold place for you to sit?

Thanks but I'm more than capable of lowering the temp here enough for my needs. You don't have anything against icicles dangling from your lampshades do you?

Ohhh uhmmm, ahhh. I must admit I'm not used to seeing my breath puffing out of me inside my own living room, but please make yourself at home. I must admit I'm also not used to my fingertips turning blue, but blue is my favorite color,.

Mine as well.

I've noticed that from the various pictures I've seen of Artica, which is beautiful by the way. But even though it is covered all the time by snow and ice, it does have a blue tint to it. Is that by design or accident?

Absolutely by design. The moisture in our clouds is blue and of course so are our most powerful moonbeams.

But I'm fair with my people. They have this affection for color, so I made sure the could create interior designs filled with many hues.

To be honest, I didn't want them to start praying to me asking me for ridiculous things like, well...rainbows. I mean seriously, can you picture icy rainbows?

You're a god so you have some pretty awesome powers. I read FROZEN the first book in Kat Holmes' Artica Lights Series. What made you decide to create Artica as virtually a frozen land with no changes in seasons?

Ice is really cool!

But we do have changes in our seasons, just not as dramatically as what your people seem to experience. We also have hot springs. They're just not springing forth before all to see the way your Old Faithful...right?...does.

I like keeping my...creative side a bit more of a mystery. I love my people but if they knew everything I am capable of they'd be praying to me for everything and I'd never get a seconds peace to enjoy blizzard surfing.

Do you know anything about the Greek Pantheon of gods? Zeus is their head god and he did the horizontal nasty to create all his offspring, but from what I've heard you don't and yet Awni the current queen of Artica IS your daughter. How does that work?

I live in an ice cave. There aren't a lot of creatures who'd be all that willing to do the, horizontal nasty, as you call it, in my sub-zero environment, but hey, I liked the idea of being procreative so I sort of blow my magic into the child I've selected to become my daughter and the rest is Artica history and legend. You must admit my way is much less intrusive than anything that old hound dog Zeus came up with and none of my daughters to date have tried to figure a way of locking me away with evil Titans or trying to eat me whole. They actually LIKED me.

We know about your current daughter, Awni, and she's the Queen. Have all the Artica queens been your daughters and if so are they goddesses?

All the queens have been my daughters, but they're born mortal, so no, they don't exactly become goddesses but they do become forces in their own right. They're my eyes, my force for justice, and they're a piece of my heart that is actually somewhat warm despite the frigid cold of our blazing snows..

You love your daughters?


Yet the moment you enter them with your power, you sentence them to a life of loneliness and isolation, right?

Yeah well, even gods make mistakes, but once they're made it's kind of hard backtracking and admitting those mistakes. Let me give you a for instance.

Say your Zeus tossed one of his lightning bolts down and it hit a precious sequoia tree, splitting it apart all the way down to its roots. He could put the tree back together with his god powers, but if he did that, all of his lessers, you know humans, would know he'd made a mistake. It's never a good thing to let the lessers know we gods can and yes do make mistakes. All we can do once we identify a mistake is try to amend the mistake next time around.

Is that why you've started bringing people from our world into yours, to correct your mistakes?

Well you must admit they would not have been in Artica at the time of my original...I'm not going to call them mistakes...let's just call them...miscalculations, okay?

For those of us not used to living in lands of perpetual ice and snow, but who might one day end up in your world, tell us what you do for fun.

I 've already told you about blizzard surfing. That's a really cool blast, but I also love snowball fights. I have a wicked curve ball that is the envy of all the Articans. Since we've been receiving humans from your side of the Lights in Artica I've been seriously considering starting snowball games. I have some of our engineers looking into the possibilities of something similar to your Baseball games...though we're not sure how to create stabilized playing diamonds given our blizzards.

Awni's husband Brent, who's from your side, tells me I have a wicked sense of humor when it comes to designing my

ice formation. I must admit I'd never thought of it that way, but I guess, now that I have flitted around here for a bit on your side of things, he may have a point.

Tichi, you specifically asked to come here and spend time being interviewed. Is there something we haven't yet covered that you want my readers to know about you and/or Artica?

 Actually there is. Those who have read Kat Holmes' books based on

Artica's Lights think they're reading fiction, but the truth is I've been channeling our world to her because well, I've heard, thanks to Brent and a few others about your Greek Gods, Norse Gods, Roman Gods, Egyptian Gods and so on and I realized what a disservice we Articans were doing to you humans by keeping our rich heritage secret.

We can't share all of our history with you in one lump...you'd never believe it...so we have to take our time and let Kat reveal our world in stages. There's a reason the series is called ARTICA LIGHTS and also a reason why both covers for our stories have the lights included in the majesty the covers reveal, but you'll never guess it.  

I live in an ice cave, so I'm one cold dude and yet I have more fire in my little iciclettes than your Zeus has in every one of his lightning bolts and that guy Thor has in his big hammer, or Ra in his big hat.

You've known about all those other deities for a long time, but know nothing about me and my world. My Lights deserve the opportunity to spread their luminosity and that means it's time for me Tichi to lower your thermostats and bring our chilly frostings your way.

Book Two in Kat Holmes' revelations about your land  REFLECTIONS OF ICE is coming out very soon. Have you any idea when that might be?

Actually yes, I do. It comes out on December 14th...perfect for a wintry blast, but I'm learning about bargain hunting on this side of the Lights and the fact is right this every moment you can pre-order it and get 20% off. I know a bargain when I hear about one.

I even have the link to it's sale page so your readers won't have to hunt all over for it...


I see by the

ice covered clock on the wall we'll almost out of time. Is there anything more you want to share with my readers?

Nope, just that all of Artica is really enjoying getting to know our cousins here on this side of the Lights, and we look forward to having you come on over and spending time with us. We may be cold, but we have tons of


Thank you Tichi. It was fun. To all of the rest of you, there are LOTS of specials coming up for Kat Holmes' fans. I can't give it away yet...but you ALL need to check Kat Holmes' books on the Muse It Up Bookstore site, ESPECIALLY on December 2nd because BIG surprises are in store.

Until then, here's the direct link to KAT HOLMES' MUSE IT UP AUTHOR'S PAGE for you to browse through and check out what's what.

Friday, November 2, 2012

HANNAH"S WISH...what will it be?


holidays...are great UNLESS you're going to spend them


The fifth wheel...it's a real pain in the jolly spirit being that fifth wheel. How do you

raise your glass and make Merry when you're the fifth wheel, and in your mood are more likely to

drown in your sorrows...especially when everyone at work you'd intended on corralling to share the holiday with you, has other plans?

You walk the

overcast boardwalk, scowling at the

choppy seas and turning a deaf ear to the annoyingly loud

seagulls vying to get you to feed them. Which, if you were so inclined, would be a hard thing to do with your empty coat pockets and emptier hands.

Instead you thrust your hands into your over sized coat pockets, hunker down and continue you

solo misery...


You do NOT remember that bar being there! How long has it been since you last trod these same planks? Surely not long enough for something like this to be built...and could it really resemble a

genie's lamp? Nah, must be the lack of light play because of the angry clouds above making it look so exotic. After all, this is the wharf...not some oasis in the middle of an exotic desert.

Staring at the suddenly there bar, Lacey's Lamp Bar...okay someone DOES have a sense of wicked humor...she decides to head on in...

Hannah's Wish, Kat Holmes' contribution to the year long, multi-authored series from Muse It Up Publishing is almost here!

Thanksgiving is around the corner, but Hannah a dedicated veterinarian has no family. She'd intended to

invite her co-workers to share the feast she'd been imagining at her home, but every single one of them has other plans.

Resigned to spending the holiday alone or back at the

hospital tending to her cherished patients, Hannah finds herself drawn into the strangely present Lacey's Lamp Bar.

Inside, things are even stranger. The bartender, a beautiful woman claims she's a genie and this bar is

her bottle. She also claims because Hannah came inside, she was now entitled to

wish for the one thing she wanted most in the world.

Laughing, her disbelief evident, Hannah finally shrugs and decides

Looking deeply into the swirling centers of Lacey's eyes she says "I don't want to be alone on Thanksgiving."

"Done," Lacey proclaims.


laughs once more, finishes her drink, lays her money on the finely polished bar, shrugs back into her coat and leaves.

Outside the

wind is howling. The storm clouds above are heavy with the weight of a blizzard nearing. Determined to get home before the fury of

Jack Frost and

Old Man Winter collide upon her, Hannah's forgets all about Lacey, her unusual bar, and the wish she'd laughingly made.

Hannah's Wish...

will it come true? And if it does, with a

brutal storm settling in how can she expect ANYONE to be out in this and somehow end up sharing Thanksgiving day with her?

Hannah's Wish by Kat Holmes, is the November 2012 installment of this year long series...and what an installment it is.

Available for pre-order through Muse It Up Publishing Inc, this tale makes gobbling turkey second best to the magic Lacey and  her lamp have in store for Hannah.

Each volume of Lacey's Lamp Bar books is available through Muse It Up Publishing's BOOKSTORE and can stand alone.