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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

HER LAST DAY the first COLLAB of L.J. & Kat Holmes is ALMOST here!

They had no word for what towered over them,

what created the richly fertile land booming with life beneath them...but ignorance will not save them.

She wakens like every other day for the past two months in Pompeii, hating her life with a ferocity fed by the violent hand of her

piggish husband...but unlike every other day, this day is going to CHANGE Daria's life...forever.

HER LAST DAY, a moment by moment recounting of a demon no one knew clawed on

fiery feet beneath the land they all treated with superior disdain.

Daria, wife of Titus the wealthy

shoe maker hates the way the ground shakes. She's from Rome and Roman ground would never be so rude as to tremble beneath the mighty

Caesar Titus, son of the great Vespasian and his Senate.

Here in Pompeii the citizenry thinks they are above the gods and far too wealthy not to be cherished by the rulers of the after-life.

Slavery, an accepted cruelty, is a part of the Roman fabric, and nowhere is it more happily celebrated than here in Pompeii.

Acteon, given to Daria by her husband Titus the moment he returns from Rome with Daria as his wife, is her only comfort, her only "friend" here in her husband's domain.

They had no word for VOLCANO...but

Vulcan, god of fire, does not make distinctions between the wealthy and the slaves of poverty and misuse.

HER LAST DAY is coming next month in October from Muse It Up Publishing...but Kat and I want to GIVE two copies away just as soon as they hit the market...in whatever format you need from us.

So what must you do to win?

Actually it's really easy...

just e-mail Kat placing the word VOLCANO in the subject and tell her the date of the very LAST eruption of Vesuvius.

Send it to MyKitty130 at yahoo dot com

If you have the right date your name will be included in the drawing.

Be sure to include your name, e-mail address and the format you want your free book in.

That's all you have to do...

Easy right?