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Friday, February 25, 2011


A part of me is reluctant to spotlight Sue Perkins, my second new Author with Muse Publishing, Inc. that has not yet been given her first Delilah Cover at this time. But perhaps there really is no BETTER time to call attention to one of our authors who hails from New Zealand.

Unless you live on Mars, you are aware of the second earthquake to hit this small island nation in less than six months. This last one measured smaller on the Richter Scale, but its destruction is far more devastating.

How can any of us look at these pictures and not have our hearts go out to everyone living in New Zealand?

The world wept for the United States on 9/11. That devastation COULD have been prevented because man was behind it...THIS? This is so far beyond our comprehension, let alone our control.

Mankind thinks he has figured out how to have dominion over Nature. But we are just fooling ourselves.

In the past decade, since 9/11, Nature has lifted her mighty fists and slammed us over and over again proving our wisdom, or perhaps, lack thereof, means nothing when Nature decides to exert her awesomely terrifying wrath.

So much pain, so much despair, so much loss. How do we as a collective people come to terms with our smallness? And yes, we ARE a collective..whether we survive hurricanes

like Katrina, tornadoes

that are a yearly threat here in the US and elsewhere around the world, landslides,

forest fires

sparked by a

lightning strike, Tsunamis,

like the one that hit Sumatra in 2004, or unimaginably destructive earthquakes,

like this one...we all share the same smallness against

Nature in her many guises. Any of you who have read Glenn Kleier, know he has the greatest respect for Nature, and would no doubt join me in paying tribute to the strength, courage, and resilience of the people of New Zealand.

Sue Perkins, our Muse Sister living in New Zealand, has been keeping us informed about the tragedy that has decimated Christschurch.

We are proud to have Sue in our family, and thank her for her heartfelt reports...now let me do the same for her.

Follow Sue at her blog,

And you can also follow her at her Muse Author's Page.

Bless you Sue and New Zealand is in our thougths and our hearts.

Sue Perkins

author of Spirit Stealer - MuseItYoung Fantasy

Reva's Quest - MuseItYoung Fantasy

Born in Devon, England, Sue traveled the world with her husband, including two years living in the Middle East with her young family. A few years later the family moved to New Zealand. Sue, her husband and dog have settled on a three acre block at the top of New Zealand's South Island. Their two children are now the globetrotters.
Sue writing genres include fantasy, romance, young adult and middle grade. When asked if she would ever stop writing she replied "Not until all the plots in my head have been written - which will probably I'll never stop."
Her hobbies include reading, writing and anything to do with crafts.  Researching family history is another past time which holds Sue's interest.  She works as a graphic artist for a local trade paper.


lionmother said...

Lin, those pictures show a situation so much worse than anyone can imagine. I am going to link my readers back to this blog to see them. Yet you managed to get a Glenn Kleier reference in here too.

J Q Rose said...

Our hearts and prayers are with these people. The power of Nature proves just how small humankind is.