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Monday, February 28, 2011


Glenn Kleier
Glenn Kleier has a new book coming out, provided there are no new postponements in July, 2011.

The Title of this book is THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL. I read the first book by Glenn Kleier,

THE LAST DAY, and it had as part of its core theme man's ability to greet and welcome a modern day Jesus. This book takes us through the same levels of intrigue that Jesus walked through 2000 years ago.

Danté wrote the INFERNO where he described the NINE circles of Hell.

I think we have all lived through our own circles of Hell, so I find myself wondering is there ANOTHER Hell when we cross out of the shell of body?

Knowing the way Glenn Kleier writes, could it be he tackles this mystery? BUT why would he entitle his book

THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL if he tackles the circles of hell?

Titles of books intrigue me and challenge my mind to solve the mystery surrounding how the author chose the title, and what does it have to do with the story that will unfold within the chapters to come.

Glenn Kleier has never disappointed me, not in his writing as an author, nor in the communications that go back and forth between us in e-mails and Face Book page messages.

July seems so far off, but like all of the Glenn Kleier fans out here, I will bait my breath, sit on my hands and wait till Amazon.com lets me know my copy has shipped. I hope all who read my postings about Glenn Kleier will make it a point to check him out too.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Months ago now I got my first e-mail from

Glenn Kleier thanking ME for listing him as one of my favorite authors on my Face Book profile.

His second book THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, long awaited by his huge fan base, is finally going to be released, as it stands now, in July of this year. His first book,

THE LAST DAY, was released on September 1, 1998...so it has REALLY been a long time, but unlike me, Glenn Kleier does a LOT of research.

For instance, The Last Day has the intrepid hero circumnavigating

the globe as he follows in the wake of the modern Jesus, an exceptionally beautiful woman

named Jeza.

I, on the other hand, wrote a really short story called MOM WHEN I LEFT, one of many, that follows the journey a woman must make who has just come from her doctor's office after getting a devastating diagnosis.

Alone in her car, the ribbon of highway between her doctor's office and her home, stretches out before her. She should drive straight home, but is shaking inside so badly she needs to find some surcease

for the panic welling within her.

I posted MOM WHEN I LEFT on one of my blogs and have included a direct link for those that might wish to read it now earlier in this post.

Glenn Kleier has proven his prowess as a formidable author. THE LAST DAY found its way onto the NY Times best seller list, and much like the DaVinci Code, stirred up mountains of controversy...controversy that seems to be a great boon towards making

books successes.

I asked Glenn Kleier why he writes about topics that are bound to put him in the middle of

a firestorm. His response was that he has to first and foremost be true to himself. He does such detailed research, he is ALWAYS secure in his details.

I find myself wondering if I need to do more detailed and researched stories. Am I the equivalent of the gift, a mere imitation of the real thing, we find in

a Cracker Jacks box?

And yet, I find power in my short stories that I am not sure I could replicate in longer manuscripts.

Like Popeye the Sailor, I am what I am.

Is that a good thing? I guess it is up to you who read my writings, like MOM WHEN I LEFT to decide.

Am I a Cracker Jacks Box insider? Or is Glenn Kleier brilliant at what he does while I, in my own way also have a claim to excellence? I guess, time will tell. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Thanks to the unexpected popularity

Kat and I have acquired, my really quirky side is starting to get noticed by people far more talented than I can ever hope to be.

When I received my first Muse contract for SANTA IS A LADY, I was about as wise and modern as the early trilobites that inhabited the primordial seas.

I mean look at this creature! Can you picture it pounding away at a

computer keyboard and learning how to remember html addresses?

Yeah, me neither, but that

TRULY was me. Once I had that coveted first contract under my belt, Kat began prodding me about the necessity to become Face Book literate.

Back when

AOL ruled the techno-highways, we Holmes girls were probably the last people on the planet to try it. Someday I will share with one and all the observational, and slightly discontented ditties I created about

Steve Case, but for now, I do not wish to digress.

The Internet we discovered is its own form of an addiction...one we both jumped upon with unbridled glee...And why not?

A lot of you know our history and why we kept ourselves pretty much isolated from the world in general, and nearby's especially. Tuning into the Internet didn't just open up our neighborhood under

the umbrella of seeming anonymity, it gave us the world.

Kat found the MIRC and wow...she was soon avid friends with people in Scotland, a place she and I both have long fantasized about visiting...

...men in kilts, who wouldn't fantasize about Scotland?

Me? I spent loads of time talking in the England Rooms, the Greece Rooms, Rome rooms, the

Michigan Rooms, and even the Boston Rooms.

Now that I have learned Glenn Kleier is from

Louisville, Kentucky, I wonder if I might have run across him sooner had I just visited the Kentucky rooms?

My meeting with my favorite author happened after I had been hogtied to

Face Book and forced to create my profile.

Naturally Glenn Kleier was included in my list of favorite authors. Someone who must hunt 

google for any and all mentions of Glenn Kleier had to have come across my list, notified him and before I knew it, I received an actual e-mail from my all time hero himself.

Why is he my hero? I have told this story so many times, I am sure most of you are shaking your heads and muttering, "Please, Lin, don't repeat it!"

So I won't. See how accommodating I can be?

Instead I am going to create a little story...

Once upon a time there was a man who had no idea the life he was living would touch more people than he could count on both hands and both feet.

As the co-founder and president of a national marketing/communications firm, he had already affected the lives of many, but a part of his soul was aching. Glenn Kleier immensely successful business man wanted to become Glenn Kleier author.

Still it's a big step for a family man, with loads of people relying on him for their daily bread, to take a sabbatical and devote the years to researching and then writing a book like


Glenn Kleier is married to an incredible woman who stepped into the head-honcho shoes at the firm, giving her husband the freedom needed to bring to fruition the part of him that needed fulfillment.

I do not know how long it took Glenn Kleier to do the research for his book, but its release on September 1,1998 catapulted him onto the world stage as a NY Times Best Selling Author.

I can picture Glenn Kleier sitting in his office positing the question that must have fueled this book...What, he no doubt asked, would happen if Jesus walked among us today? Would Jesus be more readily accepted, or has mankind changed so little, and would the outcome be the same?

Oh and one other twist Glenn Kleier and his incredibly agile mind threw into the mix, adds, at least for me, several unique layers of intensity to his tale.

Glenn Kleier chose to make Jesus...are you ready for this...a WOMAN named Jeza, who explodes upon the world just as everyone is up in arms over the threat of the

Y2K bug. You all remember that bug, don't you?

Some might think having the Y2K bug in the mix would seriously date this story, but I re-read THE LAST DAY all the time, and nothing detracts from the power of this story or its hope.

I even did a cover blog for Glenn Kleier and THE LAST DAY. If you haven't already seen it...and you really SHOULD see it, CLICK HERE .

Will Glenn Kleier become the author of a story that finds its way onto our

movie screens? It was optioned, and a script was written, but Glenn Kleier, and no doubt ALL of his fans, are glad it is sitting on the shelves somewhere within the movie industry's forgotten.

So there you have my story...okay I admit it is NOT a story from the quirky top of my head, but it IS a great story, just as Glenn Kleier is a great author. I am SOOOO looking forward

to THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, his second book coming out, unless they kick it back again, in July 2011.

Friday, February 25, 2011


A part of me is reluctant to spotlight Sue Perkins, my second new Author with Muse Publishing, Inc. that has not yet been given her first Delilah Cover at this time. But perhaps there really is no BETTER time to call attention to one of our authors who hails from New Zealand.

Unless you live on Mars, you are aware of the second earthquake to hit this small island nation in less than six months. This last one measured smaller on the Richter Scale, but its destruction is far more devastating.

How can any of us look at these pictures and not have our hearts go out to everyone living in New Zealand?

The world wept for the United States on 9/11. That devastation COULD have been prevented because man was behind it...THIS? This is so far beyond our comprehension, let alone our control.

Mankind thinks he has figured out how to have dominion over Nature. But we are just fooling ourselves.

In the past decade, since 9/11, Nature has lifted her mighty fists and slammed us over and over again proving our wisdom, or perhaps, lack thereof, means nothing when Nature decides to exert her awesomely terrifying wrath.

So much pain, so much despair, so much loss. How do we as a collective people come to terms with our smallness? And yes, we ARE a collective..whether we survive hurricanes

like Katrina, tornadoes

that are a yearly threat here in the US and elsewhere around the world, landslides,

forest fires

sparked by a

lightning strike, Tsunamis,

like the one that hit Sumatra in 2004, or unimaginably destructive earthquakes,

like this one...we all share the same smallness against

Nature in her many guises. Any of you who have read Glenn Kleier, know he has the greatest respect for Nature, and would no doubt join me in paying tribute to the strength, courage, and resilience of the people of New Zealand.

Sue Perkins, our Muse Sister living in New Zealand, has been keeping us informed about the tragedy that has decimated Christschurch.

We are proud to have Sue in our family, and thank her for her heartfelt reports...now let me do the same for her.

Follow Sue at her blog,

And you can also follow her at her Muse Author's Page.

Bless you Sue and New Zealand is in our thougths and our hearts.

Sue Perkins

author of Spirit Stealer - MuseItYoung Fantasy

Reva's Quest - MuseItYoung Fantasy

Born in Devon, England, Sue traveled the world with her husband, including two years living in the Middle East with her young family. A few years later the family moved to New Zealand. Sue, her husband and dog have settled on a three acre block at the top of New Zealand's South Island. Their two children are now the globetrotters.
Sue writing genres include fantasy, romance, young adult and middle grade. When asked if she would ever stop writing she replied "Not until all the plots in my head have been written - which will probably I'll never stop."
Her hobbies include reading, writing and anything to do with crafts.  Researching family history is another past time which holds Sue's interest.  She works as a graphic artist for a local trade paper.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yesterday I spotlighted a brand new Muse Publishing Author,

Karen Coté...the link to that posting is http://linowngraymatter.blogspot.com/2011/02/when-your-star-is-rising-karen-cote.html?zx=19e52b8c3ec603f1

I've been asked since then, if I plan to showcase other authors prior to them getting their covers. I really don't know the answer to that. I'd really like to say yes.

Authors have always been my heroes. They are the REAL celebrities of the entertainment world and do not receive their just accolades.

Some of my favorite authors did parlay their book selling success into television and/or movie recognition.

I am thinking of stories I have read over the years that fell disappointingly short when I'd see them on the big screen, or the little screen.

And that brings me back to Karen Coté and other Muse Authors. 

I am lucky enough to be able to learn the general stories my brother and sister authors have penned before they are actually released. Usually, I do not become aware of their talents until they actually DO have covers, but with the expanding willingness of our authors to open up their personal blogs and websites to each other, I am discovering their magic long before I actually have their covers in hand. 

I'm not looking for more work...between my own writing, reading my daughter Kat Holmes' writings as she creates them, doing the cover blogs, the many avenues of promotions I and my daughter are experimenting with.

I want to spotlight an author I have not done a cover blog for yet, even though I will be doing one for her soon. But today I spotlight her as one of the bravest women I have ever met.

Karen McGrath, author of

THE HEART OF THE AMAZON, a Muse release coming in April 2011.

There are people in the world the Fates have tossed every conceivable obstacle at, yet they have such a wellspring of kindness, generosity, and strength you want nothing more than to clear their path so they can find their shining star.

Karen is such a person.

At Muse Karen fills two rolls, and does them both with admirable excellence. She is a talented author, (THE HEART OF THE AMAZON is the first in her Primordial Sun Series.), she is also a gifted editor.

All of us at Muse Publishing, Inc. are better for having her in our lives.

Karen, thank you for sharing your wonderful words, but also for sharing your wonderful spirit.