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Saturday, February 19, 2011


She lives in

a Castle in the magical land of

California...okay, SLIGHT exaggeration,

it's a bungalow, but who cares? It's STILL California.

She rides atop 

a breathtaking black stallion...okay ANOTHER teeny, tiny exaggeration. Let's just say her steed IS black, but I think

he would not be able to stand up beneath the weight of a saddle, let alone a human rider.

None of the above matters, and yet, they do. For the visual creation those words bring to life across the

landscape within our minds were fashioned by an up and coming writer, and

Muse Publishing, Inc. find,

Karen Coté.

Karen is so new to the

Muse Family, she does not have a cover yet, but she has the

Muse Family already firmly implanted in her corner.

I was visiting the Muse Publishing website, when I decided to check out this new Muse family member. I found her at the Muse It Hot Side of Muse Publishing, Inc. 

See I'm an anomaly in the Muse world...and no doubt the rest of the publishing world. There are a lot of people out there fashioning what is called

BOOK TRAILERS...moving little videos about the upcoming book they unveil.

I don't do that...not in the least savvy enough to handle doing that. No I do what I call COVER BLOGS, but fellow Muse Author

Ginger Simpson has craftily retitled STATIONARY TRAILERS.

Given that new description of what I do, it suggests that I do not need to

wait to do something creative for those that catch my fancy and still NOT be considered a PRE-STATIONARY TRAILER, because THOSE will come later, after the covers arrive.

So let me get started.

Karen's author page gives some information about a book she describes called


So know that this is just a

HOWDY posting and NOT an official Cover Blog.

I'm not sure how this is going to work, but definitely won't know that unless I just

jump in and give it my all, right? So here goes.

Anxiously checking the mirror,

her hands gripping the steering wheel with an almost death-like grip, Dr. Lily Delaney tried to employ

the grounding techniques

she'd so often used with her patients. They weren't working. Had they ever worked for her patients?

A distant fluctuation of light in her rear-view mirror ratcheted up her panic. He wouldn't come after her, would he?

Of course he would! Men like him do NOT give up and he had the law on his side.

She felt a cold well of fear vibrate deep in her body. Slaves, even when the world is not to know they are slaves, are not supposed to get away. The minute they try, the master HAS to bring them back beneath the iron thumb of his/her control.

Being the suave, oh so perfect, on the outside, Kansas City District Attorney made that determination all the more immediate. No one must be allowed to know beneath that urbane exterior

lives the monster.

How could he explain to the ever present media why his picture-perfect fiancee, Dr. Lily Delaney,

was missing?

He certainly was not going to have a

missing person's alert put out on her and risk

the truth coming out. No, it wouldn't do his stellar rise in the political arena any good to know that

he is up to his neck in drugs and murder.

Lily only JUST noticed

the sign alerting her to her upcoming turn. Prying her left hand loose, she flipped the turn signal.

She was almost there, almost

to safety.

Once more her eyes slid

to the mirror. How long had she been on the road? It seemed like forever, and yet not long enough.

Before Lily could take that question out to its many possible conclusions, the day exploded, the sound of metal grinding against metal combined with her body's violent response to gravity's hit. Oh this was SOOO not looking good.

Safety...she'd almost made it...but now...?


lionmother said...

This is a very exciting stationary trailer and I can't wait to see your cover Karen. Does this mean you are going to do these for all people who don't have covers or just this one? Of course, I miss the cover, but you did such a good job with the illustrations and now I'm caught up in the story.

Karen Cote said...

Barbara, I am humbled and in awe of this woman's deep talent and description. She's captured this so well and I know the long journey ahead with edits and cover yet to come. Frankly, I want to savor every single second of my first acceptance into publishing. This time is magical and I will NEVER forget Lea's acceptance. And I will NEVER forget the warm embrace of Muse. And I will NEVER forget this wonderful woman, Lin, who gives so much of herself. And I will NEVER forget our kind comments on this blog. I do look forward to being in this family for a very long time to come. But this is romance and a person never forgets their first time and the magic of the moment.

Thank you Lin, for helping to make this moment for me.

Love you,
Karen Cote'

Lin said...

Barbara, when Lea first signed me on, I had no idea what I was doing. Ginger and Roseanne invited me to be on their blogs...ME with nothing to show but a contract! They showed me such generosity.

I was looking through our Author's pages at Muse and something about the way Karen presented herself called out to my quirky Nudge. Nudge insisted I had to do something in my own way with what she'd written there.

I don't do the kind of guest blogs the rest of you do because at that I would be glaringly inadequate.

For the most part, until you guys get covers, my way of helping spread the tails of your comets, is by sharing, rather dubiously, the moments we have on Kat's BTR show.

I am so in awe of Kat. She CAN do the guest hosting thing on her blog AND the BTR show to help you guys get your names out there even before you have covers. I am proud of her skills and wish I shared them.

I also wish I had 100 hours in every day to create these presentations for every one of you. I would do so in a heartbeat, but they take a lot of time.

Gathering the pictures is not an easy process and usually requires me cold booting my computer many times because it freezes and I have to run Norton to remove 40-60 somethings that have latched on while I am collecting the pictures.

I am very exacting in what I do. (Kat calls me a perfectionist.) Karen gave me a script, so all I had to do was hunt out the pics and put them together in a creative order.

When I do my usual cover blogs, I have to first read the blurbs I receive, then write the script out in longhand while sitting on my bed...I don't have a laptop or a netbook...and anyway, I like doing this the old way.

Once I have the script written, then and only then do I come back over to my Desktop computer, enter blogger and transfer my chicken scratch script.

I transfer the entire script before I go back and from the beginning read line by line. With the completion of each line I will see a picture in my head of what I want to have there as a gif.

I open up another screen and head to google to find the gif that closely matches what I see in my head. Before I can take it I have to find out if it is free for the taking. That means contacting the site's owner and waiting for a response.

I do NOT move on until I have that photo loaded because to do so would deny the script the attention to detail I have continued to bring to every creative thing I do.

And yes, I do this for all those hats and scarves I knit and send to my sister-in-law, the minister, in Montana to give to the needy.(Kat and I put the same detail into the dolls we made and gave to the elderly in retirement homes that one Christmas...we made 200 dolls...pictures of only SOME of them are in the album on my FB.)

I promise you, I will give you the best I have in me when your cover is available. And now that I am only going to do those that really want them enough to seek me and them out, I won't feel like I am letting anyone down when I don't do EVERY cover.

Kat said...

All I can say is wow and welcome to Muse Karen!

JerryR said...

Hi ya Lin, You sure do have a way with words. and they're good ones, kiddo. I can't wait to be included in your blog. Your words give me inspiration for my writing, young lady. :)

S.Durham said...

Ooh Karen, this looks like a really good story!

Congratulations! and enjoy!

Cheers, Sara

Lin said...


That you for the kind words...and the "young ladY reference.

I would LOVE to take credit for this one, but I cmpletely used Karen's own words. All I did was find pics to go with her brilliance.

S. Durham, it DOES look like areally goos story doesn't it?

Karen Cote said...

Thank you for the encouragement Sara! I want the dream so much of people liking my work. And Lin, you know you had me at Hello.


Heather Haven said...

Whoa! This is phenomenal! Both Lin's stationary trailer and the storyline. Wow! Welcome Karen. You've got a good friend in Lin. We all do.

Karen Cote said...

Thank you Heather. I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting. You're pretty special yourself and a prime example of why Muse is so great.


J Q Rose said...

What a rousing intro to the story and to the author, Karen Cote. Thanks for sharing your very special talent with us, Lin.

Karen Cote said...

Thank you J.Q. Lin is something, isn't she?

JerryR said...

hey Lin, i'm back to let ya know I've gotten another daily tally (I hope I counted right).