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Sunday, March 20, 2011


Today is

the one year anniversary

of Muse Publishing, Inc.

I knew I came on board early with my first contract for

SANTA IS A LADY back on March 29th, but until today, I didn't know exactly HOW early.

I totally DID come in on

the ground floor! How cool is that?

I've known all along how fortunate I am to be here, and the events since



have proved how right coming here is. But on this very land marking

celebratory day, I really want to tell the world what makes

Muse the very special place it is.

Muse is not merely a publishing house molded from the same cyber

clay and

templates so many other

e-publishing houses build from that I have observed and had to interact with over the past two years.

From its very inception, it has been so much more.

To tell its story and do it

justice, I must begin by telling you about the two powerhouse women behind Muse's creation,

Lea Schizas and

Litsa Kamateros.

Back before

the dawn of Muse, these two women co-wrote a book called

AUTISM EPIDEMIC-SHAKING THE SYSTEM. For far too many reasons to elaborate, they suffered greatly trying to get this important ground-breaking book out to the public that truly needs it.

They were forced to self-publish to get it out here where parents, teachers, and law makers needed the information researched and documented within.

So how does that story fit in with the advent of Muse?

Autism is a subject very dear to

the hearts and

minds of these two dynamic women. Now that Muse is open and their book finally available, Lea and Litsa have taken their commitment even further.

Anyone operating a new business can tell you how much work is involved with keeping it moving onward...e-pub house are no less fraught with issues requiring 24/7 attention. Without shirking one millimeter of their duties, Lea and Litsa spend much of their time ALSO promoting Autism Awareness.

Here they are at an all day Autism Awareness Expo mere weeks ago in Canada, an Expo that will now become an ANNUAL event, in part due to Lea and Litsa's commitment to this issue.

Because of their exemplary example, many of the rest of us donate our time, efforts, and yes, even our

royalties to help Muse get the word out here to the reading world and in our personal worlds.

We tackle many of today's topics, promoting

community involvement as well. One of our authors sponsored a comprehensive

literacy program in her local schools that got the youth to write, read, and participate. More is coming.

Muse encourages us to think not like individual contractors out to undercut on another in the search for those coveted sales. We are all in this together.

I do cover blogs, my own free promotion, now dubbed STATIONARY TRAILERS, because every author is my brother and sister. Their success makes this

home better.

My daughter, herself an author here at Muse, has established her own

free radio show
KatXs Writing Pen
to let authors, editors, cover artists, and yes Lea and Litsa come on to share the journey.

Still another author

Karen Coté has created animated blog interviews that allow our readers to not only read our words but hear our voices via her avatars.

Muse claimed 22 top ten placements in the 2010

Preditors and Editors Readers Poll.

TWENTY-TWO! But you know what...?...

We've only just begun.

So on this our anniversary let me repeat something I have been saying frequently during the recent year...


Happy Anniversary Muse. What an amazing year it has been!

Here's to the next year...


BONUS TIME TOO...Today March 20th Muse is thanking everyone for this incredible year by offering a

ONE DAY 50% off sale on EVERYTHING.

Go to the BOOKSTORE locate the code and add that before moving on to PayPal and get EVERYTHING at

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Karen McGrath said...

Happy Anniversay Muse It Up Publishing!

Part of the Team achieving the Dream!

Karen McGrath
Senior Content Editor
Muse It Up Publishing

mary hovris said...

Happy Anniversary Muse It Up Publishing!!You guys are the best!!!

Heather Haven said...

How great is this! Lin, you always astound me with your effort, ideas, work and LOVE you put into these. I, too, was in on the ground floor and have made some great friends at Muse, you one of them, I believe. You have the ability to put some sun into a cloudy, rainy day.

Emily Pikkasso said...

Great job as always Lin. We at Muse are lucky to have you and Kat as part of the family.

Nancy Bell
Senior Content Editor

festival8 said...

Proud to be an author at such an amazing house!

BarbaraB said...

You've done a wonderful job with your STATIONARY TRIBUTE to Lea and Litsa.
Thanks from my heart.

jabberingjo said...

Just amazing at what you accomplished in just one year, Thank you for allowing me to be in your authors group, Lea.
Lin, how I wish I had your talent. I do appreciate yours. Joan H.

S.Durham said...

Lin, Most Excellent!!!


Roseanne Dowell said...

As usual, you've done a wonderful job with this tribute. I'm also thrilled to be part of this family. Happy Anniversary Muse.

Lin said...

When you love something as much as I love Muse, it's easy to find the words to describe how much you praise them.

Heather, most definitely you are my family.

A lot of you are new to Muse, but whether you arrived a year ago, or five minutes ago, you are a MUSER and part of something that is going to set the e-pub world on fire.

Lea, you and Litsa are the air feeding the flame that ignites the tinder we all are at Muse.

Love to ALL members of the DREAM, Lea, Litsa,Deliliah out COver Art Goddess and her burgeoning department, the editors, the authors, and our honorary cyber mascots...(CAN'T FORGET PAUL AN PRIS PARROT can we, Jim?)

Joylene Butler said...

Very nice.

Christine London said...

Happy Birthday Muse and many thnaks to the voice of Muse, Ms Lin. You project the words of our authorship with such heart. Thank you.
Christine London

Larion aka Larriane Wills said...

and we wonder, with all they do, how do they have time for us.

Lin said...

They are more than dedicated, Larion, they do everything from the heart.

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday Muse and a special thanks to Lea and fellow editors who have made my recent transition into this marvelous family an easy, fun experience. I'm so delighted to be a part of all the talented members devoted to the DREAM.

J Q Rose said...

Lin, you knocked it out of the park with this tribute. Your enthusiasm and love is contagious. Happy Birthday #1 MIU and many, many more!!