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Thursday, May 8, 2014

PHAIA MYKOS...A Phone Siren from Award Winning Author KAT HOLMES



Phaia Mykos...mild mannered librarian by day...wild phone sex siren, Sasha, by night.

What can turn the staid pillar of society into the purring 

sex kitten at night...other than the 

red phone...naturally?

47 year old single mother Phaia Mykos is so proud of her daughter, Noelle...recently accepted to the prestigious 

Ivy League Princeton University. Phaia learns her salary is just a few dollars over the limit for financial aid, but much less than she'd need to pay Noelle's tuition.

What's a loving single mother to do? Get a night job...becoming a 

sex siren for Phone Sex company Vixens...pays a lot more than working Fast Food....and even more so when you are born with a voice made for sex that is one powerful aphrodisiac when purred across your fiery red phone.

Derek Hoffman is Phaia's younger next door neighbor...her studly next door neighbor...a gorgeous hunk of a man often in her mind when Sasha weaves the verbal enticements for the clients who call in to her on that red phone...Sigh...Phaia wants more...she wants Derek but Derek looks straight through her, on the few times she tries catching his interest.

A Psychopath is badly hurting the phone sirens. The nasty monster has hacked into the confidential computer files at Vixens with the real identities and home locations of the sirens...Phaia's too..and she's next on the psychos hit list.

The police are on the job.

Armed with warrants, they show up to tap Phaia's phone and monitor and record her creative work...and OMG...Derek...her sexy hunk from next door IS a cop...

a detective! Good Lord, Phaia's hankering after a YOUNG cop...a young cop who's now inside her home, listening...yep...listening to Sasha...on the job!

Ratheting up her skills, knowing Derek's in the kitchen monitoring the phone tap, Sasha pours it on...by the end of this night she means to have...really have Derek Hoffman...hopefully before the psychopath makes his move.

DANGEROUS VOICE by Kat Holmes...short...dangerous...hot...fire. 

This book delivers all...It's a delicious introduction into the real world of phone sex, when the operative is a master at weaving verbal seduction. 

DANGEROUS VOICE by multi-published author KAT HOLMES...available at 
MuseitUp Publishing
MuseItHOT Publishing...

...and where searing e-books are sold.

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