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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Kira Firebird is no one's idea of an anglo...but her dad want's the powerful psychic to turn off the juice and PASS!

Ahosihmahir lived when

The Anaszi claimed the four corners as their home...so what's he doing visiting

Kira in the twenty-first century, but when  A GHOST looks as good as  AHO should we care?

 and who is

 Boomerang, beneath the snarl and behind those memorable eyes?

What about the wise and long seeing Goddess of Lemuria,  Anniki...Did she really scoop Kira from today and catapult her back to a land that will soon make its cataclysmic return to the sea?

What roll do the

hapless hit-men, THE DIPPY DUO play in Kira's quest for the

sacred covenant? 
Can it be true Kira's been swept back in time to the Land of the Anasazi and
Lemuria? where Boomer learn's even spirit guides must endure being spritz, powdered and have  his fur

bejeweled...but when in Lemuria!

ECHOES FROM THE PAST by LJ Holmes is an odyssey to a time we may never visit again. Join, Kira, Aho, and Boomerang as they touch down in a land time mentions only in whispers.

just 5.95 

Not a bad price for something that will let you journey so far back in time...and maybe even return all in the same day. You can'r buy a bust ticket to go five miles for so little!...so you can't go wrong.

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