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Friday, November 2, 2012

HANNAH"S WISH...what will it be?


holidays...are great UNLESS you're going to spend them


The fifth wheel...it's a real pain in the jolly spirit being that fifth wheel. How do you

raise your glass and make Merry when you're the fifth wheel, and in your mood are more likely to

drown in your sorrows...especially when everyone at work you'd intended on corralling to share the holiday with you, has other plans?

You walk the

overcast boardwalk, scowling at the

choppy seas and turning a deaf ear to the annoyingly loud

seagulls vying to get you to feed them. Which, if you were so inclined, would be a hard thing to do with your empty coat pockets and emptier hands.

Instead you thrust your hands into your over sized coat pockets, hunker down and continue you

solo misery...


You do NOT remember that bar being there! How long has it been since you last trod these same planks? Surely not long enough for something like this to be built...and could it really resemble a

genie's lamp? Nah, must be the lack of light play because of the angry clouds above making it look so exotic. After all, this is the wharf...not some oasis in the middle of an exotic desert.

Staring at the suddenly there bar, Lacey's Lamp Bar...okay someone DOES have a sense of wicked humor...she decides to head on in...

Hannah's Wish, Kat Holmes' contribution to the year long, multi-authored series from Muse It Up Publishing is almost here!

Thanksgiving is around the corner, but Hannah a dedicated veterinarian has no family. She'd intended to

invite her co-workers to share the feast she'd been imagining at her home, but every single one of them has other plans.

Resigned to spending the holiday alone or back at the

hospital tending to her cherished patients, Hannah finds herself drawn into the strangely present Lacey's Lamp Bar.

Inside, things are even stranger. The bartender, a beautiful woman claims she's a genie and this bar is

her bottle. She also claims because Hannah came inside, she was now entitled to

wish for the one thing she wanted most in the world.

Laughing, her disbelief evident, Hannah finally shrugs and decides

Looking deeply into the swirling centers of Lacey's eyes she says "I don't want to be alone on Thanksgiving."

"Done," Lacey proclaims.


laughs once more, finishes her drink, lays her money on the finely polished bar, shrugs back into her coat and leaves.

Outside the

wind is howling. The storm clouds above are heavy with the weight of a blizzard nearing. Determined to get home before the fury of

Jack Frost and

Old Man Winter collide upon her, Hannah's forgets all about Lacey, her unusual bar, and the wish she'd laughingly made.

Hannah's Wish...

will it come true? And if it does, with a

brutal storm settling in how can she expect ANYONE to be out in this and somehow end up sharing Thanksgiving day with her?

Hannah's Wish by Kat Holmes, is the November 2012 installment of this year long series...and what an installment it is.

Available for pre-order through Muse It Up Publishing Inc, this tale makes gobbling turkey second best to the magic Lacey and  her lamp have in store for Hannah.

Each volume of Lacey's Lamp Bar books is available through Muse It Up Publishing's BOOKSTORE and can stand alone.