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Sunday, October 14, 2012

HER LAST DAY: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow...Maybe


October 19th, Muse It Up Publishing Will release

HER LAST DAY my very first collaboration with my award winning, best selling daughter

Kat Holmes

...and if you hurry, HER LAST DAY is available at an amazing discount

 if you


Meet Daria...Isn't she beautiful?

But she lives during a time when the surface world may APPEAR beautiful, but you don't have to

peel away too many layers to see things are NOT quite as the surface would have you believe.

Daria is the wife of a

rich merchant in a time when being the rich wife of a patrician is almost as bad as being the slave that merchant forces into his cruel and demanding bed and elsewhere depending on his mercurial moods.

Have the gods abandoned Daria and her equals?

HER LAST DAY...could it be her last day will turn out to be her BEST day? And if so how can that be?

Follow the link below and get in on this exceptional pre-release sale we are bringing your way.

Kat and I hold Daria in our hearts...she so deeply impacted upon our spirirts...we hope she'll make an equally powerful impact upon yours.

Again. follow this link and be taken right to the pre-order sale for HER LAST DAY.

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