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Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am a Muser...to those not in the know, Musers are the delighted members of
Muse It Up Publishing Inc. Some like me, have watched it grow from a visionary
kernel of an idea last March
2010, to it's official debut on October 1st, to it's successful release of it's first e-to-print books for the New Year extravaganza, to the winner of 22 top ten awards in the
Preditors & Editors 2010 Reeaders Poll a mere two and one half months after its inauguration, to it's stellar number of e-books AND amazing Print Book versions, to it's many awards for covers achieved since the very first
Covey Award won BEFORE Muse opened it's doors, to this amazing weekend.

In Montreal the very FIRST Muse Publishing Retreat is about to commence. How unheard of is this...a brand new publisher growing so big in such a short time, a retreat such as this is not just viable, but warranted?

From around the world, happy Muse authors will be gathering to meet, greet, and share their enthusiasm with the fans. Book signings...let me repeat that

BOOK SIGNINGS will be part of the weekend extravaganza. Prizes that stagger the imagination when you remember Muse It Up Publishing only opened it's doors on October 1, 2010.

Little over a year ago...yet it has grown big enough to warrant authors and fans from

around the world making the trek to celebrate the exceptional growth spurt of one year and still, may I say, spurting.

Stay tuned for pictures following this weekend to appear here, there, and everywhere so you, those who are fans but could not get away this weekend and those yet to become fans can feel a part of something this ground shaking and breaking.


Thank you to the two dynamos behind all Muse Is!

Lea Schizas...Publisher

Litsa Kamateros...Marketing Director

And here are just some of us Muser's Proud to belong To This Dynamo:



gail roughton branan said...

Yes, this is indeed just the beginning and all Musers are celebrating! Not only Muse, and our own careers, but each other, because celebrating each other is what makes Muse magic! As always, you've captured the heart and soul of Muse! Love!

Rosalie Skinner said...

Great post Lin, as always, you put visual impressions to work for Muse.

lionmother said...

Love this Lin, but where is my photo? Should I send you a good one? Your post put me in the celebrating mood! I will be there in Montreal. I'm driving, because it's too expensive to fly and if I take the train I won't have my own car there. I like my freedom.:) But anyone seeing this comment I will be happy to ferry you around in Montreal. Also will send photos as they happen.

Lin said...

The thing uploaded pics before I was ready. If I went back and added pics of all the people that now belong to Muse, blogger were sizzle and die. Sorry, Barbara. Have a wonderful time. Give everyone hugs from Kat and I.

J Q Rose said...

Lin, you are the best! They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so with your pictures AND words, your blogs are a home run! Thank you for your sentiments about Muse. You said it very well for all of us.osic

Rochelle Weber--Author said...

It is such a privilege to be part of this wonderful phenomenon! The reason Muse has grown is because it is so good. The awards are just confirmation of what we all knew going in--Lea accepts only the best and then polishes it to a high gloss.

Skaol, Musers!