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Friday, October 14, 2011


Welcome to another review by Lin, the Reader and sometimes called L.J. Holmes, author.

To Ms. Coté, author of brilliant suspence romance, humor and camaraderie...you had me at the worm.

Okay not quite accurate but close. One of the best accolades any reader can bestow upon a story is a desire to become the heroine.

I soooo want to be Dr. Lily Delaney, the sassy, adorable heroine Karen Coté created for us in her new
Muse It Hot release EROTIC DECPEPTION.

I am just a reader, nothing more, nothing less, but a story that grabs me from word one and won't let me go until the last word is ringing over and over in my well sated mind screen is without doubt a 

Five out fiver.

It's a royally crafted story from an

aristocratically gifted new author we are all going to be hearing a great deal more from in the months, years, decades to come...and I for one am already standing in line, panting for the next original Karen Coté tale.

Stop pushing, stop pushing, get in line behind me. I promise you, there's plenty more Karen Coté brilliance coming our way.


Karen Cote said...

Thank you my darling Lin. Oh my gosh! 5 Stars? I can't even express here what your reviewing meant, let alone the rating.

You are a precious gem. Mama would love you and I will be sharing this review with her.

Love you Lin. Thanks for the tears of joy you bring to me. You bring to many.

gail roughton branan said...

Two of my favorite ladies in the same spot. Life gets no better.

lionmother said...

Congratulations, Karen!!! I can't wait to read it!!!

Three of my favorite people is what I say!!!

Emily Pikkasso said...

Lovely tribute Lin, and so very well deserved. how could our Karen be anything less than 5 big shiny stars? Now if only I could be her editor.....


Karen Cote said...

Guys...what a nice wind down of a surreal day.

Gail, Barbara, Nancy...Love you guys. So very precious in my heart.

Thank you for sharing in this day with me. Thank you for sharing this moment that Lin so graciously gave. I love that woman. Such a class act and treasure. I'm grateful I have so much to treasure.

Hugs...now I gotta go figure out that author page on Amazon. LOL. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Karen - I'm so excited for you...truly. I know how you've been waiting for the big release day...and it's here!! Great cause to celebrate.
I can't wait to read your book...and I'm hoping to have you as a featured guest whenever you're ready (I'll email you...again ~ tee-hee).
Hugs - to you and Lin (great review)