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Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have

wondered how I would do this if I chose to move into this next phase of writing, reading, and commenting.

How could I do the best I can for the authors I will review and how to make it my very own...It dawned on me, I am firmly entrenched in what makes

Muse It Up Publishing, Inc. the growing

family it is. I did not always believe that, but now I do...so I have to come up with a way of doing

reviews and make them uniquely mine.

Five Stars are great....but unless I made those

stars the ones floating around the universe, not me.

Roses? No! And no, don't want to explain that.

Clowns? Yeah that would be appropriate...I can imagine me picking five

fools for my own temerity in thinking I have the

wisdom to do this...but hardly

complimentary to the authors I will bring through my reviewing


And then it hit me...I AM from

 Muse and we are the home of today's

Modern Gods and Goddesses...so what images would be better?

I must confess the idea of splitting the gods apart into

halfsies, doesn't appeal, so I will be giving full numbered Gods and goddesses for my reviews.

So let's get started. Please

forgive the many mistakes I will make in creating a proper presentation...

I just finished reading Ginger Simpson's MASKED LOVE from the
Muse Divaz collection and, wow could I understand Olivia and even Austin.

When your stable world that you believe is your

forever after shatters like the glass in a car upon high speed impact, even though you could swear everything was going just fine, a part of you shrivels inside and dies. That part is your own confidence.

Wallowing in the day-to-day anguish of a life no longer secure, many turn to the comfort of food, and packing on the pounds is so horrifically easy.

Two years can slip by before your body fights back and science, at its weirdest steps in to shake you out of your death spiral.

Confidence hanging on by a fraying thread, a script in your pocket that you know is going to turn you into a freak of nature, who'd expect to find your dream guy behind the counter of the store that is going to fill the script for your worse nightmare?

Life just isn't fair...and yet...Austin with the dreamy blue eyes...could it be he sees beyond the extra pounds, beyond the mire you are about to slip into so filled with abasement of self at a level your heart is weeping over?

Ginger Simpson knows the trials and insecurities life aims at those of us past the first blush of adulthood. This book is a mere 23 pages long, but the punch it packs will stay with you long after the last word has faded from your view screen.

Read more about this book including an excerpt at its Muse Bookstore BUY PAGE for this book and you can learn more about Ginger on her Muse It Up AUTHOR'S PAGE

I guess all that's left is for me to give my rating...This is the serious part right?

Okay Ginger Simpson, after reading MASKED LOVE...
I have no choice but to give you.



Roseanne Dowell said...

Oh boy another for my to buy list. I'm going to be so broke and so busy reading, I won't have time to write.

Ginger Simpson said...

You are always so generous with your time, talent, and awesome praise. Thank you from the bottom of my heart burn. :)


Lin said...

Heart burn? OUCH!!!

zxcvbnm said...

No phantom love, this; Ginger, you fascinate me. Brilliant depiction, Lin.

Morgan Mandel said...

Congratulations on getting such a wonderful review, Ginger!

Morgan Mandel