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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Can any among us doubt

Mother Nature is in a royal snit?

Kat sent us all an article about the vast numbers of IP addresses and our needs for more.

When I was doing my research for ECHOES FROM THE PAST, my first full length novel coming out from the Muse It Hot Side of Muse Publishing, Inc., I devoured everything I could find about the technology they allegedly owned. It matches ours of today

Lemuria, the lesser known land of wonderment prior to the downfall of

Atlantis spoken of as far back as Socrates. Diologues between



Timeus, and

Critias took place and were recorded by


These are all names we revere still for their wisdom, and there isn't an

archeologist alive not trying to pinpoint the place where

Atlantis slipped beneath the sea.

Before Atlantis, though, there was


What was it like, this land that will call my characters,

Ahoishmahir and Kira Firebird through the

swirling vortex of time, back to the glory that was


Lemuria, where are you today?

Beneath the sea waiting for the

plate techtonics to shift and grind and

volcanoic island building to thrust you from the sea returning you to us?

Many obvious columns from

antiquity are found giving sanctury to creatures of the sea, but once upon a time, those columns,

those roads, those pieces of culture gave sanctuary to those that walked on land.

We have seen since the relocation of the doomed

Titantic, how quickly the sea creatures reclaim what the earth lets slide into its depths, and yet there are colums, cobbled, streets, and more that time has not consumed. Why?

Lemuria, where are you? What did you know that we still don't know?

Lemuria, where were you?

Were your people transported before the world of Lemuria slipped beneath the crashing sea?

When we listen to ocean waves do we hear the cries of your final moments, or are we listening to

the heartbeat of what is still to come?

The goddess of Lemuria

appears in the dreams of the future. What does it mean? Her prime keeper of Lemuria's secrets, the

Priestess Annikki is reaching out...are we wise enough to hear her words and heed the messages?

Lemuria where are you?

We know you endured such pain...it echoes on the howls of the winds still today, but the

seeds and the

fractal images of what once reigned are returning, are they imagination, or is Lemuria returning?

What does this Eternal One have in mind for humanity?

She visits Native American archelogist Kira Firebird and charges her with the quest.

Find the Sacred Covenant, but tells her nothing more. She will be helped by others yet to appear, and she must be very brave.

Where power has been hidden waiting for the right time to be returned to the living world, evil walks right along side you.

Lemuria where are you?

ECHOES FROM THE PAST coming in April 2012.

Stay tuned for more secrets, challenges, and words long forgotten that will come to have special meaning to one and all.


zxcvbnm said...

Atlantis... did you know that several theorists say that Malta is the top of Atlantis?
In fact we have the oldest free-standing monuments in the world and other artefacts that make us unique.

Lin said...

In my story, Ahoishmahir and Kira Firebird also delve into the myster surrounding the disappearance of the Anasazi Indians.

I did not know that about Malta but have always been intrigued by the legends and archeological digs that counter mankinds arrogance about his current superiority over antiquity.

I cannot help wondering how many of today's contstructions will survive the thousands of years the so called "primitive" cultures from yesterday have.

I would love to travel back and learn the science of antiquity. To be able to answer questions like, "What were the REAL purposes for the Pyramids?"

Stonehenge...how DID those crafted pillars of stone come to be there and why?

The Nazca drawings? Who made these geoglyphs? How? Why do they only make sense when you see them from flying level? What is their meaning/purpose?

I know when I do pass over, I will happily immerse myself in the Hall of All Knowledge, but for now, all I cna do is wonder, and let my inner voice, Nudge, weave possible explanation.

zxcvbnm said...

Mnajdra is older than the pyramids, and much older than Stonehenge, too.
<> and <> and <> explain something about it and you, Lin, know that there's a story between the lines!