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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Journey Through The World On Spin

Washing Machines...and you have to love one that's in the crapper...

actually have a designation for

SPIN and when it operates in that mode everything goes

round and round at speeds that are dizzying.

It made me wonder if the mind has a similar setting,

when the world's events are just making it whirl and spin until it feels about to shatter?

With that question at the forefront of my creativity, I went in search of my answer. What I found...well, Kelli,

I join you in your plea to the cosmos...


And here are the images of a mind splintering...

And then you make mistakes and this is where you belong, maybe forever.


Killarney said...

Oh yeah, I can relate! (:

lionmother said...

Stop beating yourself up, Lin! We're all on your side. Take a few minutes for yourself and just do something fun!

Karen Cote said...

Darn Lin, I thought you were talking about me. I can certainly relate to this one...You are crazy, you know that right? Maybe we have matching straight jackets... I can tell you this...there's no one I'd rather be crazy with. If I'm with you, I'm in great conmpany. Hugs my friend.

Lin said...

Now all I need is for Jim to make me one of his images in a straight jacket and we finally have my goddess captured.

Yes Angel Girl, I know I am insane. I dip ym synapses in the swirling goo of nutsiness.