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Thursday, May 5, 2011


I am Gray Matter. Welcome to My Blog.

I want to thank L.J. Holmes for agreeing to guest on my blog today. Getting this woman to come and brag about herself is the toughest job I’ve faced in a very long time. Of

course it may be because I really want to get all the nitty gritty on her May 6th release…yep, tomorrow…from the Muse It Up Publishing wing of Muse Publishing, Inc.

I want to thank you for finally letting me pressure you into this, L.J.

You got me to agree to this before I knew what I was saying yes to.

Your daughter clued me in to that little trick.

She does have her wicked moments.
What is the name of your book?

Twilight Comes and I’ll save you from having to ask me about the cover. The cover is phenomenal and was done by Muse Publishing, Inc. Cover Art Goddess, Delilah K. Stephans. This is one of my absolute favorite covers which is saying a lot since the story is one of my least comfortable ones.

Tell us about it.

Must I?

Why are you so reluctant to talk about it?

Sometimes your inner storyteller makes you write a story even if you really don’t want to, and then there’s another part of you that ignores your wiser half submitting that same story against every last nerve inside you.

I actually did not expect this story to get contracted, yet Nudge, my inner pain in my Comfort Zone insisted it be written.

What makes it so uncomfortable for you?

There are stories about life without the rose colored glasses that make you cringe. They make you cringe when you hear about them on the news. They make you cringe when you learn someone you’ve known all your life may be a part of the root cause for your cringing. And you cringe when you find in one of your writing frenzies, you’ve actually committed such a story to your bastion of fiction…except deep inside you know bits of it are all too real...out there, away from the diffused world of fictional publishing.

Intellectually I know every theme has its place. This story is very well written, and I don’t say that to pat myself on the back. I say it because if it weren’t well written it would not make my skin want to recede and my heart recoil.

Will you tell us what the story is about?

The best description I can give it is that it’s about secrets…secrets families keep that can never stay buried forever. Something will tip the balance over and out will pour the venom.

The venom has to come out for any real humanity to find an ember to build on, but it’s still not a pleasant journey.

What will you do? You’ve written it, it’s been published, and is about to be released?

I’ll do what needs to be done. I have already done a Stationary Trailer for it, and have spread the word as much as possible. I am not comfortable with the core, but as I said, it is a very well written story. I cannot deny my Nudge’s skills in pulling at the deepest emotions and making the reader feel. Maybe that is the best thing I can say about this story; you will not walk away untouched.

If we are not impacted by what we read in some way, are we really achieving the best as authors? Passion has many sides…not all of them are pleasant. A serial murderer has a passion for the taking of life. Does that passion make me feel the same joy when I look at it? No, but I DO feel something powerful.

That is true. Thank you, L.J. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and telling us about your new release TWILIGHT COMES from Muse It Up Publishing this coming Friday.

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