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Thursday, May 19, 2011


They think we are legends,


mysteries from the past.

Here on the whispers of the wind,

gone by the burn of Nature's unrest.

You hear

our echoes, drown through the

corridors of the past...

and wonder. Here today, gone tomorrow...

our mysteries continue to elude.

Are we real or are we magic? Here today, and yesterday. You feel

our cries in the wails of the sky, and absorb

our heartbeats in the trebles of Nature's discontent.

I am Ahosishmahir,

and she is my Suprémiessa, Kira Firebird.

Is she of your time,

is she of mine,

or is she of all time?

I am Ahoishmahir and we are coming. Be Prepared.

April 2012 legend crashes through the veils of time.

ECHOES FROM THE PAST by L.J. Holmes is coming from

Muse Publishing, Inc.

Stay turned for more clues to what the world will soon discover.

Soon, Ahoishmahir and his beautiful Kira Firebird will return to entice you with more from the world we all believe is nothing more than tales on the lips of history.

But change is coming. Will the modern world be ready? Will you?
ECHOES FROM THE PAST...coming very soon. Be prepared.


Karen Cote said...

Beautiful...haunting...fascinating. Graphics indescribable my dear Lin. This S.T. has got to rank up there as one of the grandest yet. Thanks for the vision before going to sleep. The story sounds amazing.

lionmother said...

Karen said it beautifully! This is one of your best ever and such amazing pictures. I still want to learn how to put them all in the correct order. I'm looking forward to learning more about this mysterious new novel of yours.

Lin said...

Ahoishmahir and Kira own a piece of my writer's heart. I love them and the journey they make. There is humor, danger, despair, and undying connection to all that is, all that was, and all that will ever be.