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Monday, December 26, 2011

Artistry and Spirit Converge

Long ago I learned to see more in the messages of art that just what is on the surface.
Color Animated fractal ........TendrillonGsr06102006
I am a strange bird in that I adore the images of fractals. (Although given how many collector's

kaleidescopes are sold each year, maybe I'm not such a strange bird after all.)

I use this same eye for abstract messages when I look at the covers done by our Muse It Up Cover Artists, like this current one, just out from our

Cover Art Queen Goddess, Delilah K. Stephans. So much is going on for your eyes to behold, and you feel the power in the intensity of the eyes, the set of her lips, the rigid position of the hands and arms, the bright illumination of the fly-away strands of the hair that radiates out to or from something beyond the landscape and the formations in the clouds above.


One of the most powerful covers I have received so far from our Queen Goddess is this one...

No people...just color, light, shadow, and texture. The people who have read the story tell me they are astounded by the power of this cover that TELLS the story down to the sepia shadowing of deterioration and neglect.

That's a LOT, but that's the quality of the work of our cover artists here at Muse.

HOW did she know without reading the story this would be the right cover?

Perhaps because she has the soul of a wise spirit?

Delilah did this next one for my daughter. It is book two of her Gods At Work Series and tells Hera's story. Kat only asked Delilah for one thing if she could manage it on the cover...Hera's trademark is the

peacock feather.

Look what Delilah came up with...far more powerful than anything Kat or I could have imagined. That peacock is a breathtaking addition and sets this cover apart from the

other two in this series...Aphrodite's Book One.

Although the newest Gods At Work series cover for Hades' tale, Book Three, is pretty powerful too, don't you think? 

Death ain't half bad is he?

The very first cover Delilah did for me was for Santa is a Lady. Book One in my Christmas Miracles Series.

She makes it seem alive with the rippling water from the droplets falling from the

pointsettia leaf doesn't she? Angie's eyes...you can see so much in her eyes. Eyes truly are the mirrors to the soul, and Delilah showcases it so well in this cover.

Kat's second cover from Delilah proves the power

of starkness, eyes, and color. Frozen, Book One in Kat's Artica Lights series is about a land of eternal winter, and Awni, the haunting woman showcased at the very top of this cover its lonely, untouchable queen. Down below, a freak storm swirls...look carefully...you can see the lights brilliantly hidden, but there...(look into the area where the word FROZEN is presented)...about to claim the lone man to Artica and a life he could never imagine.

All of this is showcased on the cover Delilah created from a few scraps of info...because she has that extra power...she has a soul seasoned by many events you and I can speculate about, but never understand fully.

As head of our Cover Art department and a wise, knowing soul, she makes certain all her artists share her ability to just get it right....for instance, take a look at this gem by our NEWEST cover art goddess, Nika Dixon:

Tiger one of our cover art GODS delivered this keeper...

Suzannah Safi, Heir to the Queen's throne, brought us this magnificent jewel,

Kaytalin Platt, our very own YA expert artist hits it every time,

And horror in the Hands of Mike Zambrano is a lock.

Delilah, Tiger, Suzannah, Kaytalin, Mike, and Nika, thank you all for your artistry, your power, and your visions. You all ROCK!


Christine London said...

Ah...special indeed. Thanks for reminding us of these lovely works of visual art!
Christine London

Wendy said...

You had me at the mention of fractals. I love fractals especially the Mendelbrot Set known as 'the thumb print of God.


You created a lovely tribute to our cover designers. It's amazing how much detail and symbolism they capture. For me it is particularly pleasing to see that one of Tiger's on display, here. :)

Jodi said...

Frankly, Heather Kuehl's cover for At All Costs took my breath away! To the intensity in her eyes and almost electrified hair, that's how I had the beautiful technopath envisioned. Cover artists extraordinaire!